Pet dogs wanted for police training

Two of the UK’s police forces are looking for pet dogs that have outgrown their home.

Both the Civil Nuclear Constabulary – the police force tasked with protecting nuclear sites across the country – and West Mercia Constabulary have made pleas for fresh recruits to their dog divisions.

Quoted on BBC News, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary’s Inspector Jim Weeden said:

They have got a vitally important role – obviously security and policing of the sites is one of our primary roles.

Because of the nature of the sites, the dogs do play an essential role in security.

Also speaking to BBC News, West Mercia’s Inspector Tony Fisher described the type of dog he’s looking for:

Dogs which require plenty of stimulation are particularly suited to police work, and a dog with character will also fit in well.

Ideally they need to have a sense of fun, love to bark, and be forward and assertive.

Often the dogs which make the best police dogs have more energy than most owners can cope with, and may be destructive because they are not getting enough stimulation.

Unfortunately, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary’s website is virtually useless, with no contact details. However, West Mercia’s website offers a non-emergency phone number: 01905 723000.