Pet dogs wanted for police training

Two of the UK’s police forces are looking for pet dogs that have outgrown their home.

Both the Civil Nuclear Constabulary – the police force tasked with protecting nuclear sites across the country – and West Mercia Constabulary have made pleas for fresh recruits to their dog divisions.

Quoted on BBC News, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary’s Inspector Jim Weeden said:

They have got a vitally important role – obviously security and policing of the sites is one of our primary roles.

Because of the nature of the sites, the dogs do play an essential role in security.

Also speaking to BBC News, West Mercia’s Inspector Tony Fisher described the type of dog he’s looking for:

Dogs which require plenty of stimulation are particularly suited to police work, and a dog with character will also fit in well.

Ideally they need to have a sense of fun, love to bark, and be forward and assertive.

Often the dogs which make the best police dogs have more energy than most owners can cope with, and may be destructive because they are not getting enough stimulation.

Unfortunately, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary’s website is virtually useless, with no contact details. However, West Mercia’s website offers a non-emergency phone number: 01905 723000.

  • I have a 2 year old female pure bred German Shepherd that is so full of energy that it is some times crazy. She is small, 65 to 70 lbs, she is a barker she loves to bark at people and seems to be getting a bit more aggresive towards people although she has never bitten anyone. She also has a very strong play drive and a strong bite hold.She is very good at finding things we hide toys and she seems to find them with no problem(we put her in another room to do this and then we tell her to find it) Please let me know what you think.

  • Angela Hart

    I have a 6 month old KC registered German Sheperd Dog, he is a barker and barks at anyone walking past. He is very intelligent and requires a lot of attention. Unfortunately we have lots of children visiting our home and I am unsure as to whether I can trust him with them, as he constantly barks. Please let me know if you think he will be suitable as a police or security dog.


  • Stephen Hyden

    We have a Springer Spaniel Bitch approx 12 months old.
    Very good nature with both Adults,children and other dogs.
    Far too much energy as a family house pet.
    The vets believe she is from working breed and would be more suited to that form of environment.
    Naturally we would be sad to see her go but feel she needs a lot more stimulation than we are able to offer.
    The way she works the garden and sniffs out where the cats have been is clever to see.
    Would she be suitable as a Police dog???


  • Claire Brown

    I have a 4 month old Black Labrador, both parents were KC registerd.
    She is full of mischief and clearly requires loads of stimulation, she is a definate sniffer and digger.
    Due to my own recent poor health, i am unable to cope with her everyday needs of excercise and attention she so very much craves.
    She is up to date with vaccinations and has been very well cared for.
    Its not fair for such an intelligant and energetic dog to miss out on all she needs to keep her happy.
    She clearly would make a super working dog.

  • allison mclean

    hi i have a 1n half yrs old cocker spaniel boy who is full of energy n very clever but due to my work commitments i dont hv time for him anymore n would like him to get the home he deserves he is checky n always willing to learn new things which he picks up very quickly i hope to hear from u to c if he would b suitable fr a police dog thankz fr takin the time to read this take care

  • I have a 18month old German Sheperd dog who is full of energy loves to play loves water can smell it before he see’s it does’nt know the meaning of fear very intelligent very strong very independant can be friendly when he wants but seems to have a split personality,very good gard dog barks at unexpected noises ,stands nearly 6ft when on his back legs and is unfortunatley far to strong for me, do you think you could take time to assess him? Thank you.

  • Matthew Revell

    Hello everyone – this isn’t a police force website and we’re not recruiting police dogs. This is just a blog.

    If you want to find out more about signing you dog up for police service, please contact your local police station.

  • miss bladen

    i have 2 rottweiller bitches that i want to donate to the police force and i dont know how to go about doing it , it would be great if someone could help me, based in swansea.

  • Toni

    Hi, Bruno is an Akita x husky x GSD. He is 18 monthes old

    He is very active, loves to play and is generally a joy to be around.

    Bruno is nervous aggressive of strangers and is snappish of people he doesnt know. I think you could deffinatly play this to your advantage.

    He doesnt bark alot but does generally bark when strangers enter his space, again if this is praised he will improve.

    because of his nervous nature he is proving very difficult to rehome and his future is looking bleak.

  • Telfer

    Labradoodle but more Labrador 5mth puppy who is so intelligent and retrieves constantly on the go and needs to be stimulated and worked the friendliness and boundless energy is too much for a small home. Just read will need to contact local Police to see if he suitable so will do so….meanwhile if anyone interested contact me direct just a thought!!!!

  • natasha meyrick

    i have a 11 month old black lab she is full of energy loves barking and loves running. unfortunatly she has grown to big for us to handle and havent really got the time she needs and deserves. i think she would make a great police dog. we live in the caerphilly area south wales and would be very pleased if you could take her off our hands. look forward to hbearing from u many thanks natasha meyrick.

  • penny

    hi im just wondering if my dog would be any intrest to you as i know hes very loyal &willing to please,he is a male rottweiler of 15monthes castrated 8stone 23in to his withers,i know rottweilers have bad reports but he has manners &i know he can go far in right hands this boy is bored &needs something to do with his life he lives with 5 children under 12 good with other dogs i cant fault him in anyway its just not fare on him im a single mum with not alot of time spare, if you or you know of anyone looking for adog like my rottweiler please email me as i want a good injoyable life for him any questions please ask thanx penny

  • ms helen Burwell

    I have a 7month old chocolate labradore he is very loving good with people live next to a recycle center untill i have recently been evicted so he is in need of a home and is staying with my sister whom already has 4 labradore he is full pedigree with papers he is used to noise and does not jump because he was so used to the tip and the trucks and he walked 20mins down a very busy road and was very good

  • clair

    we have a 2 year old springer spaniel that we would like to rehome we took him on 6 months ago from a bad home when we got him he was malnutritioned , he didnt understand any commands and when ever he saw a man he would roll over and wet himself now hes bulked out he understands basic commands and he dosent wet himself anymore and hes ever so loving the problem is he has obbsessive barking and i cant seem to break the habbit i have 3 kids 1 being new born and dont have patience or time to train anymore so i need a good home or donate him as a police dog i dont want him going back to a bad home hes done so well so can someone help me i dont know where to start

  • Michael Cathorne

    I have a 3 year old Pyranese Mountain Dog (Bitch) which I am looking to rehome. Unfortunately due to health reasons my wife and I are no longer able to keep her. She is an outgoing dog and does have a tendency to bark. Please do get in touch if you are interested as I am looking to rehome as soon as possible.

  • Laila Abraham

    I have a one year old KC registered German Sheperd Dog, he is a barker and barks at anyone walking past. He is very intelligent and requires a lot of attention. Unfortunately my job is preventing me fron fiving him the attention he needs. Please let me know if you think he will be suitable as a police or security dog.

  • nicola fairhurst

    I have a 3 year old black and white springer spaniel, she was bought for my 2 young children, but unfortnatly she requires a lot more attention than we origionally thought.
    We have tried our utmost to give her full training however htere are times when she has a mind of her own. She is an exellent reteriver and is fully house tried and like all springers she loves the outside.
    I am dearly hoping that she would be of some use to you and thanks for looking.

  • emma

    i have a 8 month old sheepdog names rubi.unfortunatly we had to move out of our home and we have nowhere for her to go.want to know she is going somewhere where she will be looked afta

  • Jillian Wilkinson

    I have a 11 month old Beagle called Max, he is full of energy. Likes to bark. Has a good personality but gets very excited around people. Needs to be kept busy all of the time. Gets bored very easily. Would like to rehome him but I need to know he is a going to a good home.

  • s

    This is madness! so many dogs needing to go to another home. The police force arent going to be able to have all of them. Does anyone have a clue what the cost are for training a dog? it exceeds in thousands of pounds. Its a shame that people take on dogs with out thinking of the future just because they simply look great! The even sadder news is that most of the animal rescue centres are full and overflowing, simply because people are not thinking with their heads and also because the most important bit, there is no support for people. Dog trainers charge an arm and a leg which is ridiculous, some of those trainers are fake (ive come across a few ). Councils and Housing Associations are very unhelpful they should be setting up a training support groups to help their tenents with problem dogs to try and solve the problem not asking them to get rid of the problem because that problem would just continue for the next person. Also what gets on my nerves is people who take on dogs for status to make them look hard and big ( pathetic ) i usually find those dogs are the most mistreated of all i have rescue a few in my time they were in a terrible state one collie dog was left in a kitchen no bigger than a bathroom, he was left to walk and sleep in his own urine and faeces (muck) this poor dog was so riddled with tumours hanging off his skin he had to be put down but i made sure that this dog learnt what love was before i had to personally do that… as well as another dog a staffie bitch who was kept in a bathoom for 6 kids to pick on her and then for the male owner to come home at the end of the day completely drunk and beat her….she hated men so much and when i tried to get help for her there was no where for her to go the vet was so disgusted and quite rightfully too. She was living her life on the edge and it was only a matter of time before she killed due to the psycological trauma stuffered in her short life. She sadly had to go to sleep…. again i now own a beautiful collie cross rottweiller who was used for status puposes she was passed through 4 homes was sprayed with chemicals (more than half the hairs were missing off her back) and underweight. She was dumped on me. Luckyily she has a fantastic personally and has come through her traumas with love, care and paitence. On top of that i have 5 kids one with a disability and behavioural problems, i also have to help my parents as one is terminally ill and im disabled with hearing difficulties. Oh and i have a miserable, moaning neighbour who cant stand dogs! TOUGH…. But as ive said we all really need support groups put into place especially those that dont know where to turn to, to help both the owners and the dogs. I also wish there were more vets who would just volunteer to do free neutering out of the goodness of their own heart ( because they are allegedly animal lovers!) and more dog trainers to volunteer to help communitys to train their dogs and give them support through crisis freely (simply because they love what they do!) and a better support system from Councils, Housing associations and Landlords in solving the problem rather than a quick get rid of the problem that doesnt actually go away! The community centres which is supposed to be the heart of the community!!! why dont they open their halls (which half the time are never used) to allow for dog classes and help people get out and meet other people isnt that what community is supposed to stand for? What do you think?

  • sue

    hi i have a 2 and a half year old german sheperd male un castrated,i find him to much to cope with. hes very intelligent,fast and willing to please.i think he would make a cracking police dog,very vocal,weary of strangers,very territoral. look and acts the business but is loving to children and people introduced and that he knows. ive never had a german sheperd before and didnt realise how much work they are.if interested.please email.sue

  • sarah linklater

    Hi i have a 5 1/2 year old male dog his dad was a german shepherd and his mum was a small mixed breed black dog he loves to bark at the slightest noise and he also loves to learn new tricks he can learn a new trick in no time because i have taught tim quite alot, he likes cats but not kittens to much doesnt like children especialy boys he will watch there every move and snarl he can also let you know when a pet is ill as he seems to stay near them an whine constantly my rat has a tumor and its back legs have gone nearly its diying but he sits there at the cage sometimes crying. he will be 6 in october this year 2008 is ok with some dogs but not others he loves his football and i have been trying to teach him to snif things out he can do it but not as good as i would like him to he iss smart and likes to open the doors for the cats to go out. will be sadly missed but i think that doing somthing like police work would realy suit him.

  • julie stanbury

    I have a 17 month old german shephard who needs rehomeing due to relationship breakdown and having 3 children and working full time i just cant provide the love and attention he needs.He does bark when in the garden due to all the children playing football where i live.He is house trained and is good when out walking you can let him of the lead when in a safe place such as the park as he doesnt wonder more than a few feet.I would like him to go to someone who doesnt mind dropping me a line once in a whirl to let me know how he is.

  • andy barker

    hi i have a 4 year old german shepherd female that i am unable to care for due to expanding family needs re-homeing asap please contact me


    I have a fantastic chocolate Labrador Retriever. 2 years old. extremely intelligant, walks well on or off leader. Has been brought up with other dogs and children, works well with men and women, although he has learned that he gets more of his own way with women.
    I truely believe he would make an excellent police dog, he would recieve excercise and training that I can no longer provide. He thrives on retrieveing and when I throw him a ball, he refuses to give up on the persuit until it’s found and brought back to me. He loves attention and loves using his brain.

  • rebecca lyttle

    I have a 9 month old blue kc reg staff. He is so crazy and full of energy that we are having to rehome him. He is very loving and does do what he is told most of the time. He likes noting better than palying in the garden or the park with his toys or hunting for his dinner. He does bark but only when he should we think he would be a fantastic working dog. Please get in touch as soon as possible

  • yvette russell

    We have a 5year old lPedigree labrador dog who we are looking to rehome, he is very spirited and has lots of energy, too much energy for a family pet. Would definately be suited to an energetic lifestyle. Please reply me asap.

  • jason

    i have a 9 month old pure breed rottie male,
    brillent with children and other dogs just very bouncy (needs firm hand)
    his name is bart and getting very big and i have run out off space for him.

  • Tracy Salisbury

    Hi, I have a friend who has a 20 month old Rottie bitch that she needs rehoming due to her pushing her luck with the children. She is obedient and very alert, I feel she would benefit from working in the police or prison service where she can fulfil her potential. I would have her myself as I have owned Rotties in the past, unfortunately my German Shepard would not accept her, which is why I am contacting yourselves. We Live in Worcester, It would be a shame to see this lovely dog go to waste. You can contact me on 07914728087 Thanks Tracy Salisbury

  • Sian Brett

    I have a 6 and half month old chocolate lab he and his parents are kc registerd unfortunatly he is out growing my home and due to work i am finding myself having less time to give to him. He is very clever and very much an explorer, he loves being around people but is to much of a handful for me to handle. He deserve’s a better life that i can offer to him now and think he would be an outstanding police dog. As much as i will be sad to see him go I feel the sooner the better he could start his new life that would be good. hope to hear from you. Thanks

  • emma dowds

    I have a 8 month old germand shepard (dog) kc reg, i am looking to rehome him due to work commitments having recently opened supported living accomodation for homeless young people all my time and attention now seems to be focused on them.He is a nice natured dog and has been brought up around children, but also a good guard dog he wll bark at people who enter the house who he does not know and if anyone were to come near me or a member of the family he will bark and latch onto the persons arm with just sufficent pressure to warn them off. I am looking to rehome him as soon as possible i hope to hear from you in the near future.

  • Becci Barnett

    We have a 5 1/2 year old WEIMARANER dog, who loves to learn new things and thinks life is just one big game! We are looking at rehoming him due to our 1st baby arriving in a couple of weeks and think we’ll find him too much with a baby!
    Myself and my partner are police officers in Thames Valley and think this would be an ideal home for Arnie. He is KC registered with all his papers. He is missing his bits n bobs though!
    Please do get in touch if you are interested.

    thank you

  • michelle

    hi i have an 11 month old eurasure husky black an tanned would make very good guard dog she is excellent round the home brilliant with children looking to give her away free asap as im expecting my 1st child she is very loyal to her owners gets on good with other dogs

  • Peter

    Hi we have a 30mth GSD bitch trained as PPD, very good with people. Needs continuation training to bring back working level. Gets on well with other dogs

  • tasha

    have 5 x 9 week old alastion x collie pups bitches ideal for the police!

    if intrested please send me a email as both perants are working dogs!!

  • annette walker

    i have aquired a rottwieler about 15 month old,he is a great dog with loads of personality,i got him with my partner a few weeks ago,me an my partner split because of violence towards me ,i cant quite handle the dog i only agreed to having him cause my ex partner had always been around them so he new how to handle and train him,we rescued him from a bad enviroment and he hadnt had any training,he is very cleaver in the couple of weeks ive had him,he dosnt go on the furniture,dosnt dirt in the house,sits when im telling him ,waits to get his food ,lys down when we eat is learning very well to walk by my side on the lead ,none of wich he was doing befor ,he was a very out of control dog,i love him dearly but i thought he was going to bite my son last night,so im a little scared of what he might do with out the proper training,i know he would make a perfect police dog and thats the fucture i would like for him if possible,he is great with people and animals,he is even ok with my rabbit they both have the run of the garden at the same time ,please get back to me asp ,thank you dearly annette .

  • amy

    I woker at an animal shelter. there are a lot of dog i no would work
    for the police k9 unite. what would i have to do to get them to come look
    at some of the dog.
    ps what kind of dog do the take?

  • Camilla

    I have a 2 year old German shepherd bitch that due to a divorce where I have to sell my house, I can no longer keep. This is incredibly heart breaking because I love the dog and it was the last thing I ever wanted to do. She has had the initial assessment from the police dog unit and they want to take her on to the next stage of assessment to decide if she will be suitable. I have also had the offer of a good pet home for her. I can’t decide which is the best for her – working dog or pet? She is young, full of energy and needs stimulation. She’s used to being outside during the day around our rural 1 acre garden and then she comes in at night with us. I’ve tried looking on the internet to search for the welfare of police dogs and have had conflicting advise. Some help or advise would be great.

  • diane

    we have a 2year old alsation male he is an excellent guard dog got a deep angry bark is aggresive but has never bitten anyone and it is only due to a new baby coming into the house that i am trying to find him a new life where he will be well cared for and get the training and care that he so rightly deserves he does get on well with other dogs he is excellent on and off lead and is also very intelligent he is a pedigree but i dont have the papers and he has had all his injections so please if you are intrested please contact me a.s.a.p thank you

  • Hi, I have a male German shepherd that I think would make a very good addition to the force. He is just 10 months old and barks a lot. He has the typical ways of a German shepherd. He has a lot of energy and not getting right amount of simulation that a young pup should get when coming into adulthood. I know he will be a great candidate to become a member of the police dog’s division.

  • Natalie Harris

    MAC: 20month old male springer/retriever cross. Although a rescue has had a very good upbringing in regards to training. he is very responsive to us as owners, responds very well to treats and toys. Hoping to rehome him where he will get plenty of exercise and stimulation! Has a good concentration span and excellent agility.

  • sian

    we have a 19 week old pointer, he would make a fantastic police dog, he is black and white, and absolutly full of energy, also fantastic with children and other animals if you require more information please contact me

  • jamie derrett

    hi i have a 3 year old female german shepperd she is very energetic and would make a great police guard dog she is full of energy but is far to big for our house she is great with other dogs would like to find her a great home as soon as possible as we dont have the time for her

  • tammy hennegan

    i have a 10 month old golden labrador thay would make a perfect sniffer dog!!! he has all the temprement as in he will work purely for just a ball. he is interseted in everything and looking for everything. he is loveable and great with the children. i feel he is not recieving the best sought of life he deserves with our family and home so is willing to donate to a good cause where his life would be fullfilled to the most and make him most happiest.

  • carol chalkley

    I have a 11 month old dalmation who is on the go all of the time ,she gets bored even after a long walk which leads to her opening the front door by jumping up at the handle,she barks at the slitest stange noise, when she is board she gets rather distructive. Up unitl now i thought she would be well suited to agility training, as she is very good at jumping our garden fence and up onto my kids trampoline. she gets on well with other dogs. i think she needs a good home were she can use her energy and keep her mind

  • kim and baz

    hiya we have a german shepard x collie, 7 months old very active, loves to walk but pulls a bit, very bouncy

  • Sophie Bentley

    I have a 3 year old bitch mongrel (possible rottweiller cross). She has a very good tempremant ad is very obedient and well behaved, she follows instructions and is very sociable with both people and other dogs. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old however I am now moving to a smaller house and i am unable to cater for her needs. She is a very active dog and loves to go on long walks and just get general exercise. I think this kind of work would be best for her , as she has a firm approach to unfamiliar people appraoching her territory, she also has a lot of strength behind her and has a very feisty bark. Although i will be sad to see her go i know she will make a great companion for someone and deserves alot more out of life.

    All the best Sophie x

  • jill hawkins

    have a 5 month old dog GSD very lively barks and responds well to training! Has learnt basic commands and is eager to please. Is a small short coated GSD dark in colour and has little man syndrome xxx

  • colin reed

    hi my name is colin reed, i have a male, 2 year old blue-roan cocker spaniel that would be great for a guard dog. he is always full of energy and is great round kids. Unfortunatly, me and my family are moving to america and we are unable to take hime with us. If you are interested please contact me via my e-mail.

    thank you

  • hi i have german shepherd puppy 4month old she very playful she barks at u when playing sometimes for nothing . she digs up soil in garden she had all her vaccination her name is maya the reason why i have got to let her go i’m in privet house my son got her and did not no that we where not aloud pets i have told my landlord and he will not have her here which for me is very sad as i love dogs . maya is very clever

  • josie-luane

    my grandad and his partner are moving abroad and have a 2 year old KC registered white german shepherd that they unfortunately cannot take with them. he is attentive, full of energy and requires a high level of simulation as he gets bored easily. he is loyal to his owners and very protective. he understands basic tcommands but due to his high energy levels my grandad was unable to train him thoroughly. he is a lovely dog and would do well with the right training and discipline.

  • Michelle Croft

    I have a 3 year old labrador, very intelligent, incredibly assertive, but handling him is becoming a problem, especially outside. He is a big bundle of energy, wants to know everyhting thats going on, and checks out everyone who walks past whenever he is being walked! He is my best friend, but due to moving out of the family home and haivng my job I think its unfair to leave him alone for long periods of time. I do not want to see him goping back to a dogs home, I really want to put him somewhere where his energy will be used, I think he will love it in the police force. I am certian with the right trainer he will shine.

    Please get in contact if you think him suitable.


  • Cletic

    Hey, i have a 9 and a half month czech imported working line. He is a black sable colour, he has a very strong head and is very stocky. He loves to work all day he knows how to find stuff on command keenly using his nose. He knows the following commands: Sit,Down,Stay,Paw,Rollover,Speak,Jump and find. He is currently learning bite inhibitation and he is not sleeve happy. He has prey drive, civil drive an his defense drive it starting to kick in. He is good with kids

  • susan bury

    please will you help me ,i have a beautiful german sherpherd bitch and she is 18 mths old i am dissabled and have no energy to take her out for walks ,i want her to go to someone who i can trust will look after her and give her the love and attention that she needs please contacxt me on 01204 793032 thank you sue

  • Deb

    Hi we have 3 1 yr old ddr bred german shepherds available for sale.. they have what it takes to get the job done.. if interested feel free to contact..

    Hi intense retrieve, prey and defense drives 1 Male Red Sable, 1 Black and tan long coat and one bi-black female registrations and guarantee included in price

  • jean brown

    hj i have a 14 month german shepard bitch, un nutered she is affectionate but is to strong minded for me to control; she is destroying my house and making my elderly labs life a misery with her biostrous behaviour

  • I have a beatuifull friendly dog. Husky / akita / wolf. Cream in colour, with yellow eyes. I love him very much, but needs an Alfa man to take control, love him and work him! Are you that person?

  • Amanda Windsor

    I have a 7 year old Doberman Bitch. She is very lively, she loves play fighting, can’t sit still, barks a lot. Nothing seems to tire her out. She gets bored very easily. She loves people/children and dogs. She is good with all dogs off the lead but is very aggressive on the lead with other dogs. Although she is 7 years old most people thinks she’s a puppy because of her energy. She is small for a Doberman. She has been docked. She is black and tan. She is obediant but needs consistancy otherwise she will take over. She is a very loved pet, but I feel she needs to be a working dog. I haven’t got any papers for her, but I belive she is pure breed Doberman.

  • Chrystal

    Hi there. I own a pure bread 1 1/2 year old male german shepherd named Luka. Unfortunately we are unable to keep our beloved pet due to his aggression, and attitude towards small children and strangers. He is an excellent guard dog and would be superb as a protection K9 or police K9. He is extremely intelligent, trained on leash and has so much potential if given proper and consistent training.

  • Malc

    Hi, we have a female German Shepherd colour black will be 2 in december.Full of energy and very clever.She needs a one on one which we are finding it hard to give her as we do have other dogs.We feel that she would benefit and do very well in security or police work. She gets on very well with children and people,but tries to dominate other dogs no matter how big they are.Her name is Kiera.We have given this a great deal of thought although would be sad to let her go.We feel that this is what she needs and would excel at.

  • aaron

    hi i have a 5month old jet black labradore shes very play full and frendly verry strong dog shes a very good sniffer dog i wos walkin her the other day and she snifed out a black bag full of cannabis she grts on with other dogs

  • hi i have a fantastic 14 mth old blue roan cocker spaniel he is very intelligent but im finding he needs more activity than i can give him, my personal thoughts r that he wud make a brilliant police dog always full of energy wants 2 go out in all types of weather , he has been neutered and is insured 4 the next 12 mths he has had all his jabs , and like any other cocker loves his ball and pulls like mad on his harness, if u feel jett wud be a gud police dog pls get intouch x

  • hi i have a large male germanshepherd done basic training but needs more he will bark on commarnd and when bated up he is strong willed but willing to learn he new nothing when i got him at 6mths hes now18/20mths ding ok but to much for me needs stonger handler hope you can help dont wont to put him in rescue home thanks carole.

  • Mr T Squelch

    hi i have a 8 month old german shepard dog, he is constantly full of energy and is too much for where we live. he is very vocal and alert to his surroundings and although he has never bitten anyone, in the right hands he could be trained to be a very good attack dog.

  • I have a 2 year old male pure bred German Shepherd. He’s full of energy and can run all day long. He can always tell a bad guy from a good guy. When I take him on walks, he points out the ones to stay away from. He’s very smart and would be a great police dog. He’s very good at home, but he’s very ornery and he’s getting a little aggressive. He bit my brother just last year because he was protecting me. It wasn’t wrong of him to protect me, but it was too protective of him. He cant be doing this with kids in the house..I just have no other options. Please help, I don’t want to give him to someone and have him hurt them in some way. I just want him to be happy and safe.

  • Staci

    I have a 4 month old blue gotties razors edge pit he’s outgoing an he’s a very good dog he can shake left an right sits pretty comes when u tell him I tell him to get in his chair he does it an great guard dog he alos loves small children. 256-457-1140 price $500

  • jim

    I have a 14mnth German shepherd bitch
    she is from a very good worker line and is brilliant to train, she is a great guard dog, unfortunately i must change house and cannot take her.
    she will make a superb guard/protection dog. I hope you can help or know someone who could help.
    Many thanks

  • i have a 2 year old springer spaniel he is full of energy comes from a working back ground unfortunatly cause we both have started work we have not got the time to work him the way he likes to his name is buster he is very friendly great with kids other people and other dogs he is a big strong dog

    if you are interested please get in touch thank you sonia and dave

  • Mrs Elaine Jane



    I have a male collie x springer if you are interested his name is kobi and he is 13 weeks old good with children and other dogs and cats although cats dont always like him, he needs rehoming as i was stupid enough not to have done all my homework on the breed and didnt realise how much exersise they need and I cannot provide him with that amount as I have 2 toddlers, great in the car and getting there on lead he is all brown apart from his chest and 2 paws where he is white. but lovely little guy. £250 ovno cambridge area but could potentially drive a little to meet if required.

  • Andrea Barlow

    We run a dog shelter in Cyprus where over 500 dogs are euthanised every month. We have a No Kill policy and some of these dogs would make excellent police dogs. Would this request for dogs be still valid as the years have passed? Thanks.

  • pam

    are people actually replying to these ads???
    i have an 8 month springer/cocker cross. very very energetic and needs so much stimulation. very friendly and socialble with people children and other dogs. very obedient and always willing to please.
    only wanting to rehome him as i don’t have the time to give him all the stimulation he deserves due to work commitments.
    i am not looking to rehome him to joe public….i would like him to be assessed as a potential police sniffer dog as i’m sure he will make a dog the police will be proud of.

  • admin

    Hi Pam,

    No, nobody is replying to these ads. This isn’t a dog rehoming website but merely a news story about a police force that was looking to recruit pet dogs.


  • Simon Smith


    I have a 2 year old bullmastiff cross. He loves to be out and about although doesn’t get on with people. He is known to bite and I think he would make a brilliant police dog.

    If you think you could have him please give me a call.


    Be very careful about giving up or even selling a dog to the Police. The quality of training is often quite poor. Some forces will destroy dogs that don’t make the grade or “forget” any agreement to return if failed.

    More thana few cases have come to light in which the treatment of animals was downright criminal.

  • Miss Chrissy Becktoft

    have a doberman 2 1/2yrs.Kenneled 14 mos. I adopted him and spent 12 wks. together.Was diagnosed hyperthyroidism,my personnal vet found lab tests inconclusive.Removed him from medication.Hyperactivity stayed the same.We became involved with some very agressive play,and at 90lbs. he got the best of me.His first home( puppy to around 1 yr) he lived with three teenage boys thus rough play.I think he could easily be a work dog of some kind.His personality and demeanor fit your discription to the T.This dogs education has been curbed from the shelter kenneling him exscessivally.Agression to other dogs is now another problem for him to overcome.He is eager to please and learn.Good spirit.
    any assistance or advice.Possible other outlets for a dog of this nature.I would muchly appreciate.

    THANK YOU Miss Chrissy

  • I have a 1/2 pit 1/2 boxer (brindle color) who is remarkable. I know I cannot keep her. She is very smart and refuses to stay in her cage. she bites the medal (5 months old) and pries the bars open. jumps off cars, porches and anything to get what she wants. I think her skills would be better used as someone to help others. she is a good girl but too smart.


    please note that the telephone number of West Mercia Police has changed – it is no longer as published above – use 0300 333 3000

  • i have a very hypoactive springerdor for sale if the police want to buy her from me she sniffs everything 8 month old never stops running jumping up and down benches sniffing everything i have ill health so i can,t look after her anymore shes good natured

  • Tracey McAulay

    I have a rottweiler cross collie, he is more rotty than collie, lovely lively dog 6 months of age. i would like to home him with a police dog handler because i think he would make an excellent skills dog. He is quite big for his age as his dad, who is my dog, is an excellent pedigree Rottweiler, blade, the pup, is black with a tail and can do tricks i have learnt him, he is a clever dog, i need to re-home him as my daughter is due to have a baby soon and 2 rottweilers is too much for me to handle as i am dissabled. Thank you for your time in reading my post.

  • Bev

    How sad reading all these stories about dogs needing to be rehomed, we had a golden cocker spaniel for 12 years, he was everything you could ask of a dog and we were devastated when we lost him in January this year, we missed him so much we felt we needed to get another dog, we again choose a cocker spaniel but had a blue roan this time, we have had him 6 months now and although he’s a beautiful dog and very loving he’s a nightmare to live with, he has unlimitless energy and is very wilful, he doesnt get the excercise he needs and deserves so much more than we can give him, I couldnt bear to just sell him on so thought he might make a good sniffer dog for the police and found this blog whilst searching, I feel very guilty that we cant cope with him but i’m at the end of my tether now.

    Not sure what we are going to do, I keep telling myself that things will get better and he will grow out of all the bad behaviour but i’m not sure if my sanity will last that long, hope all the others who have posted have managed to find good homes for their dogs and its a shame prospective dog owners couldnt read these stories before going to get a new dog.

  • emma

    i have a husky X rottie and am looking to re-home him he is a large dog with lots of energy and is 4 years old he is too big for the home we now live in as we have recently moved and i am now expecting i already have 3 children 2 of which are 8 and 1 of 10 and am interested in knowing weather he will be useful as a police dog or even a security dog i dont want to just give him to another family as he has started growling and snarling at my children and would never forgive myself if he was to bite a child please e-mail me back to let me know of your opinion thanx in advance emma

  • jodi

    Hiya I have a 15month alsation cross rockwyler who would be perfect for a police dog I originaly got her for a gaurd dog which she is brill at but unfortunatley I am moving house and no pets are allowed she’s a lovely dog and will see her sad to go,

  • rebecca brooks

    i have a 14 month old boarder collie who wold work great as a police dog. he is male black and white in colour. he is very energentic and we no longer have the time to lookafter him

  • I have a black labrador called ” Chops ” Full pedigree , boosters up to date , loves his walks , playing with his ball, i breed labradors and hae too many stud dogs , hes 15 month old and i think will be great for a police dog , need rehousing him asap Joanne

  • Samantha

    Hi i have an 8 month old black pedigree german sheperd that would be great for the police force as his dad is ex police dog he needs a good home and as i am pregnant i am struggling to walk him as much as he needs and is very active, hes great with kids as i have 3 already all different ages and others dogs he gets along with. Quick reply please

  • Stew

    I have a 6 month old welsh boarder collie, who sadly we have taken on more than we cam handle. We are also moving soon to a home where no pets are alowd. Alfie is 6 months old. And full of beans. he requires alot of stimulation to which we cant fill.

  • k.p

    this is so up setting to read so many unwanted dogs why did any of you get a dog to start with?

  • C Davis

    I can’t believe the comments on here….”dog too big for us to handle” “haven’t got the time” “moving to a new house” etc etc… Whilst it’s commendable that you want to rehome your dog to someone reputable, why didn’t you think about this before getting the poor dog. That’s why dog homes are packed full of dogs needing homes because people get them on a whim and then can’t be bothered with them.

  • richard

    Please note that all references in these notes to West Mercia Police, dog handling section’s phone number have been incorrect since approximately 2008- please check on W Mercia web-site for the correct number which is now a 0300 number.