Dog friendly job search

Want to take your dog to work? Move to the US and you might be in luck!

American jobs website, SimplyHired, has teamed up with dog news and community website Dogster, to offer a dog friendly job search! Large employers, including Google and Amazon encourage their employees to bring their dogs to the office, with many others joining the list.

Phil Carpenter, dog owner and SimplyHired VP of Marketing explained the benefits of a dog-friendly office:

“Ironically, most dog-friendly companies don’t realize how important the benefits they offer are to prospective dog-owning employees, and neglect to advertise the perk on their website,” said Phil Carpenter, dog owner and SimplyHired VP of Marketing. “But now with the help of the Dogster community, we’ve made it simple for dog-friendly employers and employees to sniff each other out.”

Do any UK employers allow dogs in the office? Let me know!