Bakery for dogs in Paris

Mon Bon Chien has everything you’d expect from a posh French patisserie: luxurious biscuits using the finest ingredients, sufficiently high prices to keep the riff-raff away and small enough an output to ensure demand always outstrips supply. This being the Dogs Rule blog, it’s also worth noting that Mon Bon Chien serves an exclusively four-legged clientelle.

Harriet Sternstein, an award-winning American pastry chef now living in Paris, opened the bakery to combine her professional life with her passion for dogs. Flavours available include bacon, cheese, garlic and, perhaps not to the taste of all animals lovers, foie-gras. All biscuits are human-edible, suggesting that only the best ingredients are used.

Parler Paris has more on Mon Bon Chien, as does BBC News.

If you want to offer your dogs a baked treat but can’t manage a trip to Paris, Northern Ireland’s Pet Bakery produces some of the best dog biscuits we’ve seen.