RSPCA warns of chocolate poisoning

While you’re munching on chocolate this Easter, make sure your dogs stay well clear, the RSPCA warns.

Tim Miles, RSPCA chief veterinary adviser, said:

“If you give in and feed your dog chocolate which is meant for humans, you risk poisoning your dog and it could even die.

“If you want to give your dog the occasional chocolate treat this Easter, please stick to specially made canine chocolate drops.”

Pet supermarket, Pets at Home, has special chocolate eggs for your dogs.

  • sophie evans

    hi my name sophie. our dog ate a bag of our chocolates he has been really down what should we do he is really sick.

    sophie evans

  • Andrew

    I heard about this a few years back and warned my family not to feed our two chihuahuas any human food. They still do…I guess I’ll have to show them this to scare some sense into everybody.