Passive smoking harms your dog

Winston, a Yorkshire Terrier from Leeds, has made a recovery from long-term chest problems, no he lives in a smoke-free home.
After forty years of smoking, his owner Dot, gave up last May. Since then, Winston has had a new lease of life! Dot told the PDSA – who had been treating Winston – about the improvements she’d seen:

“His appetite has really increased plus he has a lot more energy, and he doesn?€™t need an afternoon nap like he used too!”

PDSA Veterinary Surgeon Carolyn Oldridge, added:

“Pets can be affected by breathing in second-hand cigarette smoke. Although Winston’s cough hasn’t gone completely, it has improved significantly thanks to Dot giving up.”

  • i think its apauling for an owner to give a dog such a bad condition and life she just doent care about her dog other wise she wouldnt of smoked near him in the first place a dog is like a child it affects them too.

  • My dog used to bark at me all of the time when I smoked. I cried the greatful tears of freedom after realising that she was always trying to say thanks for loving me for giving me the food, for playing with me, for bringing me for walks. Now will you please just listen to me and not kill your cells, real life is so much more beautiful without that dirty fire stick.

    Thank you Molly. I hope Shisha’s dirty protests work with her loverly housmates:-)