Dog blood bank opens

A new charity – Pet Blood Bank UK – has set up the UK’s first pet blood bank.

October 2005 saw a law change allowing vets to store pet blood for future use. The charity is seeking donations from larger dogs, with donation events planned for around the UK.

Once collected, Pet Blood Bank UK separates the blood into plasma and red cells, with one donation helping up to four dogs. Their website explains what they’re looking for in dog donors:

  • good temperament
  • be aged between one and eight years old
  • weigh more than 25 kilos
  • not have traveled abroad
  • be up-to-date on all vaccinations
  • be fit and healthy.

They plan to charge for the blood they supply, promising a reduced rate for major animal charities.

We’ll try to get an interview with the people behind Pet Blood Bank UK. Send us your questions!

  • Hello,

    how do I contact you to get blood? How much and how is it dispatched, how soon could I recieve it?
    Thanks Sally

  • Dr Asim Khalid

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am planning a research project on blood grouping system of dogs in Pakistan. I would highly appreciate if you provide me the information how you detect the blood groups and from where i can get those kits and how much they cost.

    Looking forward for your reply.


    Dr. Asim Khalid
    Assistant Professor Surgery
    University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore Pakistan

  • Mindy Fleming

    I work for a vet in Louisiana and was wondering how long we can store plasma. We do not have a large need for just plasma so was wondering if we got it how long we could make it last.