Stick and tent peg removed from puppies

Jack, a ten week old Jack Russell puppy from Wolverhampton, has had a 23 cm stick removed from his throat.

Scampering around in the garden, the tiny pup fell on the stick, which thankfully missed his windpipe.

Kathryn Cave, the Tettenhall vet who treated Jack, told BBC News:

“I could feel it in his throat and I thought it was a fragment of a stick and it wasn’t until we anesthetised him that we realised it was a rather long stick.”

Jack – just 43 cm himself – is now recovering at home, with his owner in Fordhouses.

In other “puppy rescued from unfortunate swallowing incident” news, a three month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Rotherham has had a 27 cm tent peg removed from her stomach.

Disa was repeatedly sick, also after playing in the garden. A trip to the PDSA‘s PetAid hospital, in Sheffield, revealed the enormous foreign body. Liz Airey, senior vetinary surgeon, told BBC News:

“When Disa was first admitted, we suspected a foreign body may be to blame but didn’t expect it to be so big. We operated immediately to remove it as it could have proved fatal.”

Disa’s owner, Peter Jones, said;

“The next day she was bouncing round like normal. We were worried that her stitches would come out. I’m really grateful to PDSA for all they have done. We certainly won’t be taking Disa camping though.”