Sniffer dog rescued after overdose

Jazz, a Leeds police sniffer dog, has returned to work and full health after accidentally eating heroin during a drugs raid.

PC Steve Wilson described what had happened:

“Jazz located a package with a scent similar to that of the class A drug.

“As he picked up the package his teeth pierced the wrapping and some of the substance became attached to his teeth and gums.

“When I saw that Jazz had some of the substance on him, my heart sank as I knew it would make him extremely ill.”

He was rushed to a nearby vet where he was given a stomach pump, injected with a suitable antidote and put onto a drip overnight.

“Jazz is back to full health and has returned to duty. I?€™d like to pass on my sincere thanks to the veterinary practice for responding so quickly and with such professionalism.”

The West Yorkshire Police website reports that, as a result of the raid, a man was arrested and a firearm and heroin were recovered.

Nice one Jazz.