Dog rescued 3 Km from shore

Jack Russells are known for their pluck. How many really get the chance to show it, though?

Bundy, a Jack Russell belonging to Australian Jack Skrzelinski, has been rescued 3 Km out to sea, near Melbourne. After leaping from his owner’s fishing boat, Bundy kept himself afloat for 45 minutes in the 1.5 meter waves.

“We saw a few birds and penguins out there afterwards, so I reckon he might have made a bolt for them”, Jack Skrzelinski told the Herald Sun newspaper.

South African, Clive Andenorff, one of an international party that rescued Bundy, said:

“I thought it was a seal or maybe a shark, but when we stopped it was a dog that swam towards us, and we picked him up and wrapped him in a towel. He was pretty tired.”

Jack Skrzelinski told newspaper The Sunday Mail that he and Bundy would soon be back at sea, adding:

“Only this time he’ll be wearing a life jacket.”

Bundy gets in too deep – in Australia’s The Age newspaper.