Collie walks 20 miles home

Duke, a two year old Border Collie from Boylestone, Derbyshire, has made an twenty mile journey home alone.

Following a trip to Derby’s cattle market with his owner, Katherine Riordan, Duke took his place in the trailer pulled by her Land Rover. When Katherine reached home, Duke was no longer there.

“We only stopped once on the way out of Derby, to clean the trailer’s wheels, and we think that’s when he jumped out.

“It wasn’t until we got all the way back to the farm that we noticed he had gone. We were devastated. We thought we would never see him again”, she told the Telegraph.

She continued:

“Just when we thought we had lost him forever and that he had been run over or something terrible like that, there he was. We were getting ready for bed when he suddenly turned up at the door and just wandered in, pretty much as if nothing had happened.

“We couldn’t believe it. He actually gave us a hug – he leaps on you and wraps his paws around you – then he had a big feed and just went to bed.”

Sophie Wilkinson, of the RSPCA, said:

“We know most breeds have an excellent sense of direction, but this sort of journey is rare for a dog.”

Duke is now resting at home, with painkillers to soothe his sore paws.