Weekly round-up 27.01.06

It’s been a fairly standard week for dog news, with the usual happy rescue tails, not so happy stories and yet more journalists making strenuous “year of the dog” connections.

The one common theme has been the vast gulf between the different ends of the spectrum of human behaviour towards dogs.

Texan hicks shoot mystery dog-like creature dead – A hairless dog-like creature, which had been spotted over the years in East Texas woods, has been shot dead by a delightful pair out hunting squirrles. When interviewed, they laughed like cartoon character Goofy, mumbling incoherently about “da funny doggie what we done shot” – KLTV.

Dog door bells better than dog flaps? – “You could be in another room of the house, and still hear your dog asking to be let out.” – Doggienews.

Sony ditch Aibo robotic dog – “…on Thursday the Japanese electronics firm announced that, after six years and sales of 150,000 units, it is putting Aibo to sleep…” – BBC News.

MidWest Airlines allows small dogs in aircraft cabin – “…with the exception of flights to Toronto” – Yahoo! via BloggingPet.

Sponsor a Valentine for a chained or penned dog – “We are striving to raise awareness for chained and penned dogs in a positive way, by delivering Valentines, a brochure and a treat coupon to dogs living outside” – via You Are a Dog.

Warning: you may be distressed by pictures on the linked page. Chinese continue to eat dogs – Forget the Year of the Dog propaganda, dogs remain on the menu in China – BloggingPet.