Dog is for life

Wolverhampton’s Beacon FM – one of the West Midlands’ many identikit pop music radio stations – read a letter from a listener – let’s call her Cruella – seeking advice.

Cruella’s daughter wants a puppy for Christmas. However, Cruella doesn’t actually like dogs, so she wanted to know if it was okay to keep a puppy outside. She said it wouldn’t be a problem for too long, as she planned to rid herself of the puppy as soon as her daughter’s flitting interest turned to something else.

While the Dogs Trust is working hard to combat the joint problems of older dogs abandoned to make way for Christmas puppies and Christmas puppies abandoned by fickle children, it’s a shame that Beacon FM gives air time to one of the people causing the problem.

We’ve complained to Beacon FM and, they tell us, so have many other listeners. It’s important that the simple message “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” is rammed home to the type of people who see animals as playthings. Perhaps Beacon FM could redress the balance by running a story on the work of Sunnyside Kennels and the many other animal shelters across the country.

Update: Dogs Trust have emailed to say that they’ve spoken to Beacon FM’s News Editor and that the manager of a Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre will be on the station this week to give the responsible dog ownership message. Nice one. Beacon FM also say they had someone from Birmingham Dogs Home on the show, shortly after the letter.