In some circles, it appears that fashion applies equally to dogs as shoes, boy-bands and cars. While Chihuahuas are still popular amongst the “dog as accessory” brigade, the media’s latest favourite is the Puggle.

Crossed between a Pug and a Beagle, Puggles have the cute face and wrinkled skin of a Beagle but the colour, coat and stature of a Pug. Increasingly popular in the USA, particularly with celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhall, the media hype says that Puggles have all the benefits of their parent breeds with none of the genetic problems.

These dogs are certainly cute but is it right for people to create dog brands then charge hundreds of pounds for the puppies? There are thousands of dogs languishing in shelters, each of whom has their own personality and potential to be a loving part of someone’s life.

The American ABC News site has more on Puggles.

Photo by Denny. Creative Commons licensed.