Moscow winter dog fashion

Winter is a hard time for Moscow’s dogs.

With temperatures plummeting to below minus 15 degrees centigrade, the Moscow Times reports that the daily dog walk can be a dangerous experience. While in the UK we melt road and pavement ice with salt, Moscow’s streets are awash with toxic anti-freeze chemicals.

Despite a partial ban, old stocks of anti-freeze still cause suffering to the city’s dog population.

“Three years ago, we had many emergency calls about dogs having been poisoned. The chemicals hurt dogs’ paws, and the animals may start licking them and end up ingesting the toxins,” local vet Valeria Shishmaryov told the newspaper.

Many of Moscow’s dog owners choose shoes and coats to combat the anti-freeze and the cold. With a mix of designer boutiques and more affordable pet shops, it seems that Moscow’s dogs are well served. While an ordinary pet shop sells dog overalls for $17, Kira Kedrova’s Klyaska – a fashion-led pet boutique – has dog jumpers for $155.

“If a dog owner can buy himself a sweater for $600, he can certainly afford an expensive wardrobe for his pet,” Kedrova told the Moscow Times.

In the city with the highest concentration of billionaires in the world, she’s almost certainly correct.