Littlest Hobo theme tune

“Every step I make, I make a new friend” just about sums up the wonder of dogs.

It’s been a while since London – the Alsatian protagonist of 70s/80s Canadian children’s tv show The Littlest Hobo – has been on UK tv screens. If you love the show’s theme tune, Maybe Tomorrow, you’re in luck thanks to the internet!

The original song’s singer – Terry Bush – has recently released a re-recording as part of an album of “adult contemporary with a country flavour” songs. You can buy it for £17 from Terry’s website –

UK readers will remember NatWest’s advert, a few years ago, featuring an cartoon Jack Russell on a worldwide adventure. The ad used a faithful cover of the song by pop group Scooch. A quick web search reveals that an Oxford-based group of DJs have their own version of the Littlest Hobo theme on their website, which sounds very much like the Scooch version.

The most interesting version, though, is the Spanish version of the Littlest Hobo theme.

“Una voz me llama cada vez…”

  • Jez

    That tune went to a karaoke bar in my local town and look in the book and it was in it so i had to sing it

    maybe tommrow i wanna settle down until tommrow i just keep moving on

  • Rob

    Links no longer work! 🙁