Fireworks cause dog to wreck room

What makes society accept the sale of relatively small explosives to anyone? I don’t understand why fireworks are still for sale to the general public.

An Alsatian, in Sussex, badly injured his leg in November, after having the life frightened out of him by fireworks. Two year old Sparkles was so frightened that he chewed a metal key in half, ripped out a fireplace and smashed various items of furniture.

PDSA vet, Jonathan Gravestock, described Sparkles’ situation:

He was covered in soot from ripping out the fireplace and trying to hide in it, and had a badly cut paw and a sore muzzle from ripping frantically at the furniture.

His injuries could have been much worse. We were very surprised that his teeth weren’t broken from chewing the metal key.

New Year’s Eve will be the next major fireworks night. The PDSA has produced Fireworks and Pet Safety, a guide to helping your animals through the trauma.