End of week links 13.01.06

It’s been a busy week for dog stories – some happy, some not so.

Cornish firefighter saves kitten stuck up chimney with dog impression – “He sounded more like a monkey, but it seems the bad impression worked” – BBC News.

Walt Disney World Resort to take rabbits, parrots, ferrets, dogs, cats and non-poisonous snakes – Bloggingpet.

Samsung has invested around $7 million in rearing guide dog puppies – “They also train dogs to perform search and rescue work as well sniffing for explosive materials, and even therapy dogs for hospitalized patients” – Doggienews.

Dog fighting appears to be an accepted part of everyday life in Afghanistan – “Dog fighting is a popular passtime among Afghans during the winter season and the public matches are held every Friday” – Yahoo! News.

Did a poison seaweed kill dogs on the Norfolk/Suffolk coast? – “We have heard of two dogs that have been poisoned after apparently eating [sea chervil], but only one had a post-mortem examination which confirmed this” – Eastern Daily Press.