Dog saves diabetic owner

A Beagle in Florida has saved her owner’s life by calling the emergency services.

Belle – who has undergone $8,000 worth of special training – is able to detect when her owner, Kevin Weaver, is ill. By smelling the minute changes in the sweetness of his breath, Belle recognises the changes in Kevin’s blood sugar levels.

Recently, the training paid off when Kevin’s blood sugar levels dropped to a dangerous level. Belle clawed at Kevin, telling him he was about to pass out. As he began to have a seizure, the other part of Belle’s training kicked in. Amazingly, she found her human pal’s mobile phone and bit down on the 9 key, automatically connecting her to the emergency services.

Presumably, Kevin has an arrangement with the local ambulance service as they recognised his caller ID, along with Belle’s barking, and sent help!

Video and picture at KUTV .