Dog frozen to rail track is saved

A Siberian Husky has been saved from certain death in the US, after becoming frozen to a railway track.

Wisconsin Builder, Jeremy Majorowicz, noticed the dog as he entered a local diner with his colleagues. On leaving, he realised something was wrong when the dog was in the same, potentially fatal, position.

“I have two dogs myself, so I didn’t want to leave the dog if there was something wrong,” Majorowicz said.

After failing to tempt the dog with a muffin, Majorowicz called the Police. Neither the Police, nor the local Animal Control Officer, were able to persuade the dog to move. It was only when using a catch pole to physically pull the dog from the track that they noticed he was actually frozen to the track.

“I lifted his tail and hind quarters, and saw he was literally frozen to the tracks,” Officer Tim Strand said. “He was pretty hunkered down.”

Pulling hard, Strand freed the dog, leaving a lot of fur still frozen to the track. The loss of a few hairs, though, was nothing compared to what could have happened next. Ten more minutes on the track and the dog would have been hit by the next scheduled train.

Following his ordeal, the dog is now at a local animal shelter, where he’s been named Ice Train.

Update 26.12.05: USA Today has a photo of Ice Train.