Dog brightens Bradford office

Rupert, a nine month old Cocker Spaniel, has had a surprising effect on a Bradford recruitment company‘s office.

Introduced to the office Steven Street, Managing Director of Relay Recruitment, Rupert has helped the company’s smokers kick their habit.

David Gatehouse, also of Relay Recruitment, explained to the BBC:

“We thought we’d bring in a dog so people could make a fuss over him and it would lift morale, especially during the depressing days after Christmas and New Year.

“Then somebody suggested instead of having a fag break they’d take him for a 10-minute walk round the block.

“The idea caught on and now four or five people have given up smoking altogether and others are cutting down.

“They’re also losing weight because of all the exercise they’re getting.”

Rupert has been so popular that the company plans to introduce dogs to its other offices.