Deaf collies looking for homes

Both the RSPCA and Dogs Trust are on the look-out for homes for deaf Collies, all under nine months old.

Blue, at the RSCPA’s Little Valley Animal Shelter in Exeter, along with Blanche and Lass at Dogs Trust’s Roden Rehoming Centre, are all responding well to sign language training.

Despite their extreme cuteness and young age, all three dogs are struggling to find homes. Although they’ve attracted plenty of interest from potential owners, families have been reluctant after learning of their deafness.

Louise Campbell, manager of Dogs Trust Roden, said:

“Blanche and Lass are lovely young dogs. Although they are deaf, they have no other health issues and given the right training, there is no reason why they won?€™t make fabulous pets.”

Gill Hodge, an Animal Behavioural Assistant who has been working with Blue, explained why deaf dogs can respond well to sign language:

“Dogs naturally use their own form of sign or body language, such as tail wagging when they are happy, raising their hackles when they feel threatened – and they do this far more than they use their voices.”

So far, Blue has learnt seven signs, with a thumbs up for “good boy” being his favourite.

Border Collie Rescue Online has an interesting article explaining how to train deaf Collies with sign language.

Both the RSPCA and Dogs Trust say that experienced dog owners would be preferred but that it’s most importnat that prospective owners have plenty of time and energy.

RSPCA Exeter: 01392 439898
Dogs Trust Roden (Telford): 01952 770 225