• Lisa Pearce

    I do feel for you Rick, I have a jack russell myself who will be 16 in 4 months, he is my baby, and both me and my husband adore him. The thought of losing him is awful, no matter what age it always hurts.

    Chalky was such a lovely little dog and he always made me smile, what a shame he never knew how famous he was.

    RIP little un. x
    Love Lisa David and Spot x

  • Di

    Who can forget Chalky in Rick’s Christmas Food Heroes – wasn’t he great? And with the sticker on his head in Scotland or chasing crabs and bunnies or “choking” every time Rick put his lead on? What a fantastic little dog – how he’ll be missed.

    RIP Chalky

  • RIP Chalky – he will be much missed.

    All the Best.

  • Julie Jeyam

    The event I remember is when you and the crew arrived at an hotel with Chalky. You – Rick – smuggled Chalky in whilst one of your crew chatted-up the receptionist! But seriously, we lost our darling Jack Russell just two years ago, and it’s just like losing a lung – you can still breath but it hurts so much!

  • jo rowles

    so sorry to hear about chalky
    we love him!

  • Sue,Andy & duddy

    So sorry to hear about poor little Chalky he was a right character, bless him will truly miss him sorry Rick x

  • Colin M

    Kipling enunciated it so well http://sonic.net/~cdlcruz/GPCC/library/kipling.htm
    and many are the tears I have shed reading those lines. God Bless You Chalky, in this dismal world, you made us smile (guffaw, even!)

  • sallie & Gary

    Good bye old Chalks – you have made us laugh & we loved you with Rick going round the country.
    We are really sad – & if our old Jack Russell knew he’d be really sad too.

  • Jos and Lydwien

    Bye bye Chalky !
    Two sad “fans” from Limburg

  • Anne & Roy

    Since taking up residence in South Africa last July, it is only recently that we have caught up with the news that Chalky has died. He was a great character and will be sorely missed on Rick’s programmes. We brought our two dogs with us from the UK, one of which is identical to Chalky. He is now 13 years in June, but still as feisty as ever, and will tackle anything male on four legs even though it might be the size of an elephant!! Jack Russells are all the same. Dogs do not really live long enough, and we all miss them when they go. RIP Chalky old boy – go and catch something in the sky.

  • Chalky Lovers

    Sad News – We loved Chalky – He never let fame go to his head – Always the STAR of the show (Sorry Rick).

    He will be sadly missed.

    Rick he was a credit to you.

    2 Chalky Lovers from Cheshire.

  • SandraBurger

    Being Chalky lovers, we truly feel it with Rick for the loss of a dog with such character and verve! We always compared our own dog to Chalky and all his eccentricities, which were similar. We were really shocked to hear of his passing. We always had a good old laugh for him, being Chalky and all. We watched him more than we did Rick!

    Goodbye, RIP Chalky

    From: Sandra and Rudolph Burger, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Colin Sansom

    Apologies for not acknowledging the loss of Rick’s dog Chalky earlier. As you can appreciate we live on the other side of the world in New Zealand and this sad passing was only alerted to me after watching one of Rick’s programmes on satellite TV which triggered me to look up his website. However, I am originally from England and my wife is from Cape Town, South Africa. We have two wonderful dogs (An English Cocker Spaniel and Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with a labrador). We could not imagine life without them but know that one day they will not be here. I read the lines by Rudyard Kipling that Rick referred to on his website and it reiterated the importance that dogs have on our lives and at the same time it made me feel quite emotional.

    Rest in Peace Chalky. Hope you are having a great time in doggie heaven where ever that may be.

    From: Colin and Angelika Sansom -Auckland, New Zealand (and our two dogs Max, the cocker spaniel and Bongi, the Staffordshire Bull terrier crossed with a labrador

  • sheryll stapleton

    We have only just learned of Chalkys demise after looking on the web. We loved chalky as we, like many who have replied here have a Jack Russell as well, whom we love to pieces.. Chalky was just great and will be missed. We always looked for chalky on the shows and often laughed at his antics

  • John Hopping


    I feel great sadness at the passing of such a lovely dog. Watching his antics was one of the reasons i would never miss a Rick Stein TV show. I am happy that he had a great doggy life, i hope that Rick can take some comfort in knowing that Chalky was loved by so many and that he had just about the best life it was possible for a dog to have.


  • Sue

    So very sad to hear about Chalky…what a lovely dog he was and always amused us when we watched the TV shows. We too have a Jack Russell,
    4 and a half years old and know all about their antics and what great pets they make. A sad loss not only to Rick but to all who will miss him greatly.

  • Marc,Susan & Barney

    really sad to hear about chalky rick. we have 2 jack russells who are such a part of our family (one looks just like chalky) you gave him a wonderful life and he knew nothing but love.
    Marc, sue and barney, eastbourne

  • Nicci.Paul and Skipper, Auckland New Zealand

    I too have only just heard about Chalky, we lost our Jack Russel Squeak over 2 years ago and had to get another. Skipper is a rough coat just like Chalky and is as feisty as Chalky especially with large dogs, as you say he just does not fear anything.

    I not only love your programmes I just couldn’t wait to see Chalky and his antics, he will be sadly missed.

  • d. wallis

    just been watching country ways and my husband said you have a new dog so checked out your website and discovered news about the great J.R Chalky. so sorry,he was great to watch,hope your new companion will be doin the rounds with you like chalky did.whats his name.can anyone enlighten me.thanks.again so sorry rick.

  • R.Rafferty

    Me and my husband and our 3 year old WestHighland White Terrier loved watching Rick and Chalky travelling round the country. The time we remember the most was when Chalky could not get a passport to go to France because of his age, so rick had to explain to Chalky where he was going and he did this by drawing on the sand the coast of England and the coast of France. He will be sadly missed. We really luved im x

    Love R L and Lickle Bo xx

  • I will miss little Chalky and shed a tear when I found out he had gone to Doggie Heaven. I bet he is scampering about the clouds chasing Rainbows. Bless his little Soul (not the type that lives in the Sea!)
    ‘Dont’ go biting any Angels litle man.xx a lick from my old boy Bobbiesox.

  • dave oakes

    well, chalky was the dog’s ….. thank you rick for giving us the chance to get to know him. god bless you chalky we love you…xx r.i.p. mate

  • vanessa swift

    So sorry to hear chalky had died. Our beloved cocker spaniel died last week it was sudden but at home if that is any consolation. He was 12 years old and gave us the best 12 years of his life and we gave him the same. Dogs are like one of the family aren’t they, sweep amused us every day with his antics. The feeling of loss is sometimes overwhelming but hopefully with time will ease.

  • DEE

    Only doggie people will understand how you must feel at the loss of Chalky. What a great little character…as Russells always are. A credit to you Rick. We have had Russells all our lives. Chalky reminded us so much of Jess, who died two years ago, in fact when we watched the programme on Daphnne du maurier the other evening, the one you dedicated to Chalky, in the final credits it showed chalky running down sand dunes and we said how like Jess he was, but then Jack Russells have that knack don’t they? They all seem to come from the same mould He will be sadly missed, not only by you, but by lots of your viewers. He had a brilliant life and you have your brialliant memories.

  • Barara Fowlds

    I heard the very sad news of Chalky’s death only recently when I was watching the Daphne Du Maurier programme – at the end, a wonderful shot of Chalky running through the sand, which I couldn’t quite understand. Then followed the explanation and the dedication of the programme to him. I just loved him so much, he was so much fun! It’s so sad. Thanks, Rick, for sharing him with us.

  • bill bundy

    my wife & I used to always watch chalky`s antics never forgot the one with the microphone suspended over the sofa, have just seen it again, my wife ( now passed away) would have been so very sad to hear this news, thanks for this update–bill.

  • Suzie Alons-McDonnell

    My husband and I are greatly saddened to hear about poor chalky. We have 2 Yorkies and a Cairn ourselves and understand the pain of losing such a great pal. Rick, may you be comforted by his memory.
    Suzie&Jan Alons-McDonnell (and Pudding, Kevin and Dropje)
    the Netherlands


    i luved u chalky i thinked he was soo cute

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  • Lorraine and Mollydog

    God bless you little dog. You can share seafood in heaven with our beloved Mitzy.

    Thinking of you Rick.

  • Sam and the children

    Our hearts broke.

  • Tiger Lily

    I will never be as famous as you, I’m the wrong colour,female and I don’t even like fish! But I am a Jack Russel….my next rabbit will be dedicated to you Chalky!

  • Gus Hunnybun

    He was amazing can you,Rick, do a feature program tribute to Calky showing all his antics.


  • Carla

    I’ll really miss watching that little furry fella! He made the show! And there’s no show without Punch!

    RIP Chalky

  • Kev

    Bye Chalky, he will be missed by many fans of Rick`s shows

  • kay

    I have started watching new series last nite and thought were is chalky! he was a little star we will miss u chalky god bless xxxxxxx

  • Kate, Dublin

    just found about wee chalky and was so sad to hear the news…i always loved seeing him on Rick Stein’s programmes and will really miss the little lad. the loss of a pet is always hard and this wee lad was a pet to all of us.

  • Jane

    I have just been watching Rick on tv and did not realise chalky had died….it has made me so sad…loved to watch him..he was a wee star ! x

  • Lynda

    Just found out about Chalky watching tonight’s programme and have to admit I shed a tear. We used to have a dog called Charlie who was the double of Chalky except Charlie’s legs were a bit longer and I could write a book about the antics he got up to. Hope Rick’s going to get another dog, losing them is like losing a person but the joy they bring outweighs all that.

  • Monica

    So sorry to find out that Chalky has died. And Dee: not only doggie people understand the sadness one feels, cat people who have loved and lost too!

  • sandy and family belfast

    after watching rick’s latest show, we all just heard of Chalky’s sad depart…. we have 5 dogs ourselves. Rick is fantastic and i ADORE him and his programes but chalky, well he just made the show… wot a wee character and a wee rascal 🙂

  • Ian Aussie in london

    I have been watching rick’s show for the past couple off weeks and hadn’t seen chalkie. I thought the worst that he had died so i said to my partner i’m going to google chalkie she laughed at me but i loved chalkie he was a legend are you going to get a new dog rick?

    R.I.P Chalkie

  • anna

    very sad to hear the news about Chalky, we loved him very much, and he is a HUGE STAR . r.i.p chalks xxx

  • Karen and Malcolm

    We were very sorry to hear that Chalky had passed away.

    Of course, we loved and still love watching Rick’s food programmes. However, Chalky always stole every scene he was in!

    He was everything a family pet should be – loyal, friendly when required to be; but, above all, a real character.

    Chalky, we hope you’re eating fish and chips and chasing bunny rabbits wherever you are. You’re much loved and missed.

  • Laurie

    Older shows run in US, only saw one, Chalky was on and they did a little song about him being on the BBC, so adorable, fell in love with him immediately, did not know he passed until right now, and am so sorry to hear that, but it sounds like he had a wonderful life with loving owners, they were all lucky…..

  • val&pete

    we have just found out that chalky has gone we can feel the pain rick must be feeling we had a dog just like him he died last year aged 18 we miss him so much,so we enjoyed watching chalky he was the best and rick of course r.i.p. chalky

  • fiona

    So very sorry to hear about Chalky. What a lovely dog and what great fun.

  • Sam and Kim

    We couldnt remember the name of Rick Steins’ Dog so we googled it and found to our dismay that poor wee Chalky had passed on. It was such a shock and we hope that Rick and family find another character to brighten up their lives.

  • Jamus

    I only knew of Chalky’s death today having watched a Rick Stein cookery program. I feel for you Rick as I adore dogs too.

    Chalky, wherever you are, RIP.


  • Susan

    I have just found out that little Chalky has passed away, I loved that little dog.

    I lost my little Yorkshire Terrier Bengie October the 10th 2007 he was just over 14 years old, so I know what you feel like Rick, it rips your life apart.

    But he had a wonderful life, and by the way he acted on your programs he loved every little minute of it.

    R.I.P. Chalky.

  • Gary

    Watching Rick on the TV only realised Chalky was missing when I saw the photo in the background and Rick mentioned walking alone. Rick is the chef but Chalky was the star in waiting, generally stealing the show. My favourite moment was Chalky’s visit to the vet, am I glad I was not that guy!

    RIP little fella

  • I fell in love with chalky. he was cuteand funny i will miss him!!

  • tammy smith

    so sorry,chalkie you really were the best

  • veronica wellman

    I have to share this, I have to everything as now, with my beautuful Jack Russell Sam sprawled on my lap. He is coming up for 16 and the other day I was thinking, would he still be alive today if he had been with his original owner? Not that she was cruel or anything but the children tormented him, I got him at 4months old and he has becomes so precious, I loved him the first moment I saw him. What came to me is that it is LOVE that has kept him with me all this time. The other day I had a new “Fish Man” from Brixham come to deliver, and Sam was barking at the door, we were discussing dogs, and Rick’s Chalky came into the conversation, how he had lived to be nearly 18. He same “Well, it is LOVE, isn’t it? I treasure that
    remark because it echos my own thoughts, and to all those dog owners whose dogs live to a good age I am sure it is the same.

  • Janee Robinson

    I was only saying to a friend how Chalky was the perfect looking pooch in my opinion and how cute he was, as we were looking up his pics on the internet I saw the reports that he had died. I am so sad to hear of his death. He was so cute and will be sadly missed. Sweet doggy dreams Chalky xx

  • Billy Jay

    I put ‘Chalky’s Song’ together for the film sequence which showed him up to his tricks.The tune and words just came from nowhere, but I had to think hard before I came up with the right voice for such a canine superstar, I hope it was good enough. I just stumbled on this tribute page whilst looking for a photo of the boy, to put with the song on my i-pod, it is so amazing that he touched so many people, who in turn have posted so many touching comments. I think Chalky had a good life.

    Billy Jay

  • Ian Donaldson

    I have just learned of Chalky’s death and I can’t say how sad I am. I am choking back tears now as I write.
    Chalky was the typical Jack Russell. No one has ever told them that they are just little dogs. He was like my old dog Jack who also made it to 17 years of age and would take on any challenge. A death of your favourite pet leaves a great hole in your life.
    My sympathy to Rick and family.

  • Klaire

    Only just found out about Chalky. I feel so sad there are tears down my face. My husband is watching an old Rick Stein programme, so I thought I’d look up Chalky on the internet. Chalky reminded me of my lovely Yorkshire Terrier Jack Russel cross. Personality and looks (apart from mine who was black and tan) the same. He was fabulous and everytime I saw Chalky I thought of my dog who passed away two years previously, also 17 years. The pain of loosing your dog is so great. So sorry to hear about Chalky. God bless Chalky – may be you will meet up with my dog.

  • pearl

    so sorry to hear chalky died.i know how hard it is when a muched loved pet dies.he was a good age im sure he knew how much he was loved.god bless chalkyxx

  • Madeline

    So sorry to hear about Chalky. I have just learned of Chalky’s death and I can’t say how sad I am.My husband is watching an old Rick Stein programme, so I thought I’d look up Chalky on the internet.so we enjoyed watching chalky he was the best and rick of course
    God bless Chalky -r.i.p. chalky !!

  • janice

    i just found out about chalky i am very sad as i liked to see him he made me laugh.i am from malta and alot of maltese liked him too .god bless chalky.

  • Rebecca

    So sorry to hear about Chalky’s death. At least he lived to a good age and appeared to enjoy his life. I have a Fox Terrier myself also with the heart of a lion and I can’t bear the thought of the inevitable happening. She is 13 at the moment and I hope to have her with me for many more years. God love you Chalky, you made so many people so very happy.

  • catherine

    such a wonderful dog, brilliant, never knew of him until now, Im totally smitten, RIP little boy.xxxxxxx

  • Lynda

    Went down to Padstow in April and had an overwhelming urge to pat the bronze statue of CHALKY on the head everytime I walked pass. In one of Rick’s programme there was a bronze statue of a dog with chalky jumping up at it. He promised him he would do the same for him when he popped his paws. I was so pleased that he’d kept his promise. I would love to do the same for my jack russell. Still not forgotten Chalky boy. xxxx

  • Billy Jay

    A little bit of news which may interest all of the Chalky fans. Rick and I have re-recorded Chalky’s Song, together with the Pendennis Brass Band and the charming Children of Padstow. The song and video will feature on a Christmas Special, Memoirs of a Seafood Chef, which will be screened on BBC 2 in December 2008. Its a moving,entertaining,very amusing and fitting tribute to the ‘Canine Celebrity’, I hope you will all enjoy it. Billy Jay

  • Annette

    would like to reply to Billy Jay – any chance of letting us know when the programme will be on. We live in Dubai and would like to get someone to record the programme for us – before moving here we had a Jack Russell who was adored by all but hated by poodles and watching Chalky (and of course Rick!) on BBC Prime has brought it all back to us!

  • Rick, my husband Ray and myself (being jack russell owners in the UK) have just heard about the passing of your dog whilst watching your Mediterranean series (probably spelt that one wrong)!

    So sorry to hear your news but you MUST get another dog as life must go on.

    Kindest regards

    Ray and Fiona Berresford.

  • Joy Pattinson

    What a wonderful little dog. I used to watch him in every film. I always wondered how Rick would react when he lost this lovely little pal. But I already knew as I myself have lost no less than 7 dogs and every time the hurt became even more unbearable. I like to think they are all together somewhere, discussing the lives they had and remembering all those so many good times we had.

  • Mr Chalky,loved and remembered all over the world. We all considered you ours and morn your passing.So greatful to Rick for bringing Chalky to our attention and sharing him with us. god speed old fella,we miss you so much!!!!

  • Just heard about little Chalky’s passing and my husband and I are absolutely gutted! He was so gorgeous and funny, with an immense amount of doggy charm! We always looked forward to his antics on the shows and he was just a delight to watch. Rick, you must miss him so much, hope time has been a great healer.

    God bless, lil’ man! We love you
    Julie & Jamie

  • trevor morris

    just found this site (7-1-09) and felt that I ought to relate the following tale about our dog Benji who was a double for Chalky.On holiday near Bridport Dorset, 2 yrs ago we had Benji with us and taking him out and about several people remarked how he looked like Chalky ,so I decided that we would have some fun and cooked up a story that Rick was up at Hugh Fernley -Whitingstalls Riverside Cottage making a video together for t.v.and when people commented on Benji and how he looked like Chalky we came out with the story saying that actually it was Chalky and we were looking after him for Rick and the surprise it gave people who were so elated that they had met “Chalky ” we could have made a fortune out of paw print autographs. they went wild telling everyone around that this was “Chalky”. afterwards I thought ‘how many peole went home and told relatives that they had seen Chalky whilst they were on holiday!! i felt a bit guilty afterwards having conned people.I hope they forgive me and my prank R.I.P. Chalky i hope youv’e met up with Benji in the dog kennel in the sky Benji died aged 12, 6th september 08. Two dogs of the same character full of fun and so enjoyable,we miss him so much.

  • Kay

    Dear Rick,

    It was not until yesterday that I learned that you had lost your lovely dog Chalky, I and many other know how it feels to lose a beloved friend, you have all my sympathy and understanding. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. He was such great fun to watch. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  • Victoria M

    I watch every Rick Stein programme on TV but it’s not the same without Chalky
    My 2 favourite clips of Chalky were when Rick smuggled him into the hotel and the other was when Chalky bit one of the free range pigs on the bottom.
    Miss you loads Chalky xxxxxxx

  • John Dench

    Chalky was the best!

    At least there’s a little bronze statue to him in Padstow… give it a stroke and remember the fesity little Jack Russell who was a star in his own right!

    Sadly missed mutt.

  • Paul and Elaine Eyke

    So sorry to hear about the death of the very mischevious Chalky he will never be replaced the clip of him attacking the microphone an absoloute classic R I P Chalky.

  • Richard

    My schnauzer Max was also born in 1989, left on the last day of May 2006. Rick very kindly signed a copy of …’food heroes’ from and to the four of us a few years ago….

  • Frankie

    Over two years now since Chalky’s passing. I was lucky enough to meet him and Rick a few times when in Cornwall, the last time only six months before he died. I will miss him when I go back there this summer.

    I hope you’re resting in peace, sweetheart. Well, not resting too much but catching a few rats and rabbits and eating some fish at the “Bridge” 🙂

  • angela reponen

    I have just found out that chalky has passed to doggie heaven,boy will he have a great time up there,its very hard to lose agood friend, my dog moritz died last june she was 18, just a little thing, but a life saver so I know how it felt, you both made a great team and Rick you have a great programe which I enjoy with the rest of my family, BUT chalky gave it that ummf that all good shows have.as the greats say “He will be sorely missed”.

  • 10/06/2009
    only just found out chalky had dies. so sorry we loved that dog love jacks
    i lived on a farm and we bred them had four big ones jenny patch tiger & spot, know how brave they are jenny was got by badger missing for 4 days her puppy mick slept on my neck when she came back we called the vet who stiched her back up, micky was got by a rat throught the windpipe and sadly died tiger was a case she killed 200 hens in the yard and my dad shot her but me & my mum hid her in the barn and looked after her after a couple of days my dad felt bad about it so we confessed and he forgave her. We lost jeny & spot went missing down rabbit holes which caved in we tried to dig them out ut they were in too deep we had a friend who sent his dogs in but to no avail. get another one or two or thee they never let you down

  • Elaine

    I’ve just watched the show Rick Stein’s memoirs and it finished with tears rolling down my cheeks, how I loved Chalky! I too have a rough haired jack russell terrior with mannerisms just like Chalky, he has just turned 13 and I only hope he gets to 17 or even more! All I can say is hooray for cable tv and all the old repeats so we can carry on watching the little scamp. R.I.P. Chalky

  • Sandra Middleton

    I recently heard the recording of the Chalky song – does anyone know where I can obtain a copy.

  • My mother in law adored Chalky. Now his spirit continues on with her Jack Russel also called Chalky, in South Africa.
    She is crazy about fish and chips as well, but prefers the chips.

    Thanks for a great show!!

  • Liz Lynch

    he was such a lovely little mutt! i enjoyed watching his antics almost as much as watching your shows and your recipies!

  • tyla

    sorry rick we got a new dog and called it chalky after we heard about chalky

  • Martin

    hi rick, we just lost our little man,a terrier cross after 17 years 3 months,i read this site last year after the tv show and know now how you must have felt

  • Julie from Australia

    RIP Chalky you little ripper! We’ll miss your crazy antics but more than anything the acceptance you got on behalf of all dogs about being around food and people. You were a true ambassador for our doggie friends 🙂

  • Donna

    Aww 🙁 We were just watching an old Rick Stein and Chalky was running around, it’s a great shame that he’s running around upstairs and not on the beach. We are enjoying Rick’s new programme on Food Network at the moment and think it’s lovely that there is a picture of Chalky on the wall. As Jack Russell lovers and owners our hearts sank when we heard the news three years ago but Chalky lives on.
    Donna x

  • allison

    The spirit of Chalky lives on

    In June 2007, we rescued a beagle and named him Chalky after Rick Steins dog. Long live Chalky!