Eddie from Frasier dies

Sadly, the Jack Russell actor that played Eddie in the TV series Fraiser, has died.

Aged 16, Moose died at his trainer’s home last week. He appeared in 192 episodes of the hit show, from 1993 to 2003, with his son, Enzo, taking over when he retired.

John Mahoney, who played Eddie’s owner Marty Crane, explained that liver pate was often used to encourage Moose to lick his fellow actors’ faces.

RIP Moose.

  • neicey

    Sweet crossings Eddie…thank you for the smiles

  • Eddie was a great dog to play on a tv show. Even my granny likes him but I never knew that he would die.Eddie will alwys be remembered by me. BYE EDDIE YOU HAVE LEFT US R.I.P for ever I love u man i will never forget you.

  • Me and Oz send our condolences

  • Eamon Martin

    Never mind Eddie ,what happened to Bull Dog ?

  • helena


    He will be missed

    (yes, several years later….)

  • He will always be missed. He was a STAR!!! The only probllem with pets is they do not live longer. Bless Them all…

  • Tracy

    Still watching Fraser reruns…
    and remembering Eddie in 2009.
    RIP Moose

  • kathyryn a wagner

    He made me smile all the time….he was the anchor of Fraiser show……great, great dog! We miss you Eddie/Moose!

  • Mckinnon’s

    Wee moose will never be forgotten.
    Luv u forever<3
    always in out hearts <3
    Still here when we watch frasier
    Luv the Mckinnon girls <3 Kab3girls
    Glasgow scotland will miss you xxxxx

  • Eddie,

    You were always so lovable and always on que.

    Even in the reruns, you never lost your star power.