Beer for Chalky

Chalky's Bite beer
Chalky's Bite beer
Chalky's Bite beer
Chalky’s Bite beer

Six months after his sad death, the memory of Rick Stein’s beloved dog Chalky has been commemorated by Sharp’s Brewery, based in Cornwall.

The beer, created to go well with seafood, is described by Stein as an impressive beer having a distinctively English taste and will be sold in Sainsbury’s throughout the UK.

Chalky’s Bite was created before the much-loved Jack Russell lost his life at the age of 17, and has since been named after him in tribute to his life. The public grew to know and love him from his well-known appearances on Stein’s television series.

  • Craig McMurtrie

    I’m Australian, and I would like to buy this beer. Is it available here?
    Thank you for your time.