You Need a Dog! – BBC 3 – review

BBC 3 follows on from Dog Borstal with yet more dog-related viewing!

You Need a Dog follows Samira Akerbousse as she tries to improve her life by taking in Bob, a Cocker Spaniel who works as a therapy dog.

Bob lived with Samira, and her daughter, for three weeks, during which time she hoped he would help improve her social life and even lead to romance. After a quick training session – during which we saw a softer side of Dog Borstal’s Mic Martin – Bob gave Samira a chance to get out and about, with the programme’s highlight being the revelation that St Albans has a singles night for dog owners!

It was also interesting to see hear from an American dating expert – Wendy Diamond – who specialises in dog owners. Apparently, Samira was to check her potential beau’s coat, teeth, etc. Actually, my mind wandered a little at that point, so I’ve no idea what she actually advised.

You see, You Need a Dog isn’t a programme about dogs; it’s a self-improvement show in which a dog is used as a tool. Bob seemed like a happy chap and he did appear to have a genuinely positive effect on Samira’s life but it was all rather fleeting. Happy or not, poor old Bob was a lifestyle accessory for three weeks, then sent back off in his crate.