Selina and Chump win The Underdog Show

In a surprise twist, Selina Scott and Chump won BBC 2’s The Underdog Show!

While Huey and Caspar won the audience’s hearts, when it came down to the final two it was Selina and Chump who were able to jump through the hoops set by the show.

From the beginning of the show, it was clear that Selina and Chump had developed a great relationship and that he loved to work with her. It’s just such a shame that Selina feels unable to adopt Chump.

Huey clearly felt that Caspar’s progress hadn’t been appreciated by the judges. When he chose not to take part in the dog dancing, saying that Caspar needed more time to reach that stage, the judges were not impressed.

At times, it seemed as though the judges – more used to the world of professional dog shows – had unreasonable expectations of these wonderful rescue dogs. Is Peter Purves really that harsh, or is he just taking on the bad-guy role?

The Underdog Show was great fun and highlighted the plight of the thousands of dogs abandoned in rescue centres across the country. It seems strange that income from the phone voting went to Children In Need, rather than the Dogs Trust. The Dogs Trust was heavily involved in the show and seems to be the natural choice of charity to benefit from any voting income.

Let’s hope The Underdog Show returns for another series. Next time, perhaps they’ll consider a more appropriate charity to benefit from voting income and introduce some more elements to really demonstrate the joy of life with rescue dogs.