The Underdog Show BBC 2

After a great weekend of Crufts TV, BBC 2 is back with more dog-related programming in the form of The Underdog Show.

The show pairs eight rescue dogs from The Dogs Trust’s West London rehoming centre with eight celebrities. Each week, the dogs and celebs undergo increasingly difficult obedience and agility tasks, with their performance rated both by a panel of expert judges and the viewers at home. Sadly, the pair with the lowest score is evicted from the show each week.

The first episode of The Underdog Show was great fun! Unlike Dog Borstal, which focuses on the failings of owners, and the somewhat cynical Help! My Dog’s as Fat as Me, it summed up what’s so great about living with dogs.

Each of the eight dogs displayed huge amounts of character, leaving the celebrities somewhat in the shade. Throughout the tasks, the dogs were clearly having fun, even if the celebrities were occasionally frustrated.

Julian Clary presents the show and is accompanied by his dog Valerie. It’s good to see a presenter who is well known for their love of dogs.

Overall, particularly thanks to the involvement of The Dogs Trust, The Underdog Show is a great way to show the wider public that rescue dogs make fantastic companions. Let’s hope one or two viewers give a home to a dog in need.