Gone to the Dogs

Gone to the Dogs is an independent British film about Jack, an old rogue whose life is abruptly ended by a heart attack.

Recincarnated as a scruffy dog, Jack goes on to be adopted by his unwitting widow, Rose. The film tells the story of Jack’s realisation of what makes a good husband; shame he’s now a dog.

The trailer makes the film look like good fun – plenty of dog thoughts voiced by actors and at least one scene featuring a pack of dogs racing down a narrow street. Starring classic British comedy actors Tony BoothCherie‘s dad – and Dora Bryan, Gone to the Dogs is available to buy on DVD now.

We’ll have a review next week.

  • Jackie

    This film is very funny! The dogs are the real stars though, its not just a film, it has a extras including a nice booket and a DOG-Umentary- which tells you know how they do all those amazing dog tricks. Good price.

    By the way did any one play the What Dog Are You game on the website before? Love it! I found out I was an Alsation – Spot on!