Weasel – the dog with no ears

The Dogs Trust rehoming centre, at Bridgend, has an extra special canine guest at the moment.

Weasel, a ten week old puppy, is unusual in that he was born with no ears! He has undergone a series of veterinary checks since arriving at the Dogs Trust and vets believe that, despite having no outer ears, he is able to hear some muffled sounds.

Weasel will be sent to a specialist veterinary practice in Southampton, later in the month, to determine whether or not vets can create ears for him. Let’s hope they can and Weasel can enjoy the rest of his life barking at every noise in the neighbourhood.

  • yvette

    I was wondering if weasel had a home yet. Because I live in a area with woods and have a hundred ft garden ; i would love to give weasel a nice new home. please contact me for any infomation. thank you

  • Sarah

    I think he looks adorable and how anyone could dump him is beyond me. I would love to see him.

  • julie

    Awww he looks like what he lacks in ears he will more than make up for in personality ! Hope he finds a lovely home soon.

  • Livi

    I want the dog with no ears!!

  • Did weasel find a new home? He is absolutely adorable! Bless him. It would be good to receive an update.