Vodka saves Alsatian dog

Teddy the Alsatian has had an unusual, but lucky, escape after drinking a bottle of anti-freeze.

His owner, veterinary nurse Kate Sheppard from Birmingham, spotted him lapping the poisonous liquid in the back of her dad’s car. She told the Daily Record:

“There are specific antidotes for all sorts of household fluids cats and dogs might accidentally drink.

"We were told to use ethanol but we couldn't find it anywhere. It was a frantic race against time."

A quick-thinking vet suggested vodka as an alternative. Mixed with saline solution and vitamins, the vodka was adminstered using a drip, with Kate by Teddy's side over night.

"The morning after he was a little bit dopey the poor thing had quite a hangover. He was down in the dumps with big bags under his eyes for a few days," Kate added.

Kate and Teddy then faced a tense wait to see exactly what damage the anti-freeze had done. If the vodka hadn't neutralised the anti-freeze in time, it could have destroyed Teddy's kidneys.

Thankfully, an x-ray showed that the vodka had worked and that there was no permanent damage.