Jack Russell found in car’s engine

Duke, a twelve month old Jack Russell who went missing a week ago, has turned up under the bonnet of his owner’s car.

Tom and Doris Whitney, of Kidderminster, heard Duke’s barking after he’d disappeared but never managed to trace him to the garage. Doris told the Express and Star newspaper:

“We kept hearing him bark, and a neighbour said they heard barking, but whenever we got near the garage he must have stopped, and we just could not make out where he might be.”

Astonishingly, the little mutt was unharmed, although no doubt starving and dehydrated. In his battle to get out of the engine, he chewed through a clutch cable, which is the only reason he was eventually found:

“I went into the garage to start the car and put my foot on the clutch to reverse out but found something was wrong.

“I went back inside the bungalow to call my son Barry, who said he could not do anything until he finished work. So I went back to push the car back a bit so that I could open the bonnet, and as I did so I found Duke in this tiny space. It turns out that while Duke was inside the vehicle, he had chewed through the clutch cable, and this was the reason I could not move the car”, Tom told the newspaper.

How he got under the bonnet hasn’t been reported.