CCTV to monitor dog waste bins

Most local authorities are grateful that responsible dog owners use dog waste bins. Horsham District Council, though, are slightly miffed that their emptying schedule can’t keep up with the popularity of some of the bins they provide.

Ian Jopling, spokesperson for the council, explained to the BBC:

We have to do extra runs to take the waste away, and it’s costing us time and resources.

The council’s complaint seems to arise from their belief that local householders are using the bins to dispose of dog mess from their own gardens etc, rather than anything done on a walk near the bin.

It seems odd to think that people are walking to the bins from their houses, with bags of dog poo. No, really. Would you walk from your house to a local dog poo bin with a bag full of dog mess?

Using the kind of Herculean leap of logic reserved only for local government, Horsham District Council has threatened to errect mobile CCTV to catch anyone over-using the bins. I wonder if anyone considered using that money to increase the number of collections.

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  • David Best

    I have two dogs and a large garden. Rarelydo I find dog mess in the garden because my dogs are walked regularly. This does put an extra burden on local councils who have to empty the bins but in my experience this is because the dog mess is picked up in supermarket carrier bags which take up a lot of space.

    In France many places have free dog poo-bag dispensers and much smaller waste bins but in my experience I never saw one full to overflowing. Also this is not such a problem in France because their supermarkets generally do not provide free carrier bags.