Trip to Sunnyside Kennels

This afternoon, we went to Sunnyside Kennels near Wolverhampton to donate food and blankets.

Part of Birmingham Dogs Home, Sunnyside take a different approach to some other dog charities, such as the Dogs Trust, over the Christmas period. They remain open for rehoming right up to Christmas Eve, with General Manager Simon Price making the point that they continue to take stray dogs right throughout the year.

It’s something of a dillema for dog shelters: do they aim to discourage people giving dogs as Christmas presents, by closing for rehoming and by taking in no new dogs, or do they continue rehoming in order to make room for other dogs? Sunnyside’s Simon Price makes a convincing argument that their home check procedures and

  • That is very nice of you to donate food and blankets, not very many people realize that dogs need that kind of stuff and would apreciate it if you would donate them, not that they would know. I agree with the fine that the Sunyside’s Simon dog shelter has made. I hope you apreciate my comment!

  • Leesa

    We also went to Sunnyside on Xmas Eve with toys and treats for all the dogs. We also came away putting a deposit down on a dog!!!! Not the intention at all (nahhhh, course not!).

    Hopefully ‘Millie’ will be a great addition to our family which already consists of a rescue X-lab which we also had from Sunnyside 6 years ago!

  • sarah davis

    I went to sunnyside kennels aweek ago. We lost our dog at christmas week, she was 12 years old and a wonderful dog. so we went to sunnyside tentativley to see if there was a dog to suit our family, our house was not a home without the fun of having a dog as we missed ours so much. there were a lot of dogs there all different colours shapes and sizes, they were so well cared for and the whole place was spottlessly clean. I would congratulate the staff for the way they look after the dogs. and the amout of love and attention theyn heap on them. so if you are thinking about a dog and have considered carefully the commitment go to sunnyside you may find the very dog for your family we did were picking her up today


    I also go to see all the wonderful dogs at sunnyside… my old rotty recently passed away and we are looking for the perfect replacement! we have seen some beautiful dogs, especially dog of the week, a rotty(x). we intend to take a trip tomorrow to see the dogs and give some blankets to the kennels. while i’m there, I intend to find the perfect dog… to anyone who is 50/50 thinking about giving a dog a second chance then go ahead if you have space and can offer the dog the love that it needs. wish me luck that dog of the week is still there for me!

  • Emma Bull

    My 4 year old daughter and i also went to visit Sunnyside today. We went to find our perfect dog too, as we had been thinking about getting a dog for some time, so after a lot of thought we went to visit the dogs. The staff were so freindly and the animal husbandry was second to none! I would advise that any family thinking of getting a dog to think carefully about the responsibility that comes with a dog, and to also take young children to vist too. My daughter wanted a dog and when she visted she was scared stiff! Because of this we have decided to put off having a dog until she is a little older. I will continue to visit and donate what i can until we can go and pick out our new best friend!

  • karen cartwright

    Yesterday my family and I visited Sunnyside Kennels. We lost our Greyhound “Sandy” in July, he was 16 years old. We felt it was time to have another dog to make our family complete again. Sandy was a rescue dog and was a handful at times, but became a welcomed member of our family and was loved by all of us. I have never been to the kennels before. It was modern, very clean and the dogs had little coats on to keep them warm, toys to play and the staff were wonderful, answered any questions we had. We needed a smaller type dog this time, one that would be able to sit on my lap or by our children in the car to travel to Wales on a regular basis from our home. We fell in love with all of the animals but knew we could only provide a home for one. We were particually taken by a little lady who had had an operation, she was friendly and lovely. The staff let us take her for a walk and we have decided to offer her a home with us. We cannot wait to have her, to love and care for. Thank you for letting us have her and for helping us to find a new member of our family. We are looking forward to taking her for walks, introducting her our friends and family, taking her to our caravan every month, playing with her on the beach and spoiling her in general. We look forward to the home visit, which we believe is very important. It is nice to know that the kennels vet and check every new owner.

    best wishes The Cartwrights from Wombourne.

  • Alicia

    im alicia.. me and my family visited sunny side , getting the address from a friend who had just brought a little jack russle and said they had a boxer dog . We have already got a boxer dog, roxy and when we seen Buster we fell in love ! Hes one year old but very skinny . He has got kennle cough wich we have got tables for but our dog roxy dosent get along with other dogs at all she is very jelous! so when we brough buster home we were worried , as in 2005 we had a boxer for a week , harry, lovely big stong white boxer dog . Roxy bit his ear and he bleed! Buster gets along well with Roxy , they follow each other around and cuddle up next to each other on the sofa…… wich they shouldent do ! but oh well. Buster is getting fatter already and we have only had him for 3 days … when we first got him he was droopy.. not as exited as he is not and was quite happy on his own … now he responds to his new name buster,he loves lots and lots of fuss and he is use to us all now . Buster followed me upstairs today.. me not knowing the cats were up[ here , first time they have met buster chased the cats but when i sed no he understood and went off. we are going to take him to training classes soon, roxy was a show dog she she dident need any training at all.
    So wish us look
    love Alicia, Buster and Roxy .. woof!

  • Chris Stevenson

    Owners name: chris stevenson
    Pets name: buster
    Breed: staffordshire bullterrier DOG
    Features: Red, white chest, small, muscely
    contact number: 07773308951
    Area: darlaston/wednesbury
    date went missing: 18th january

  • Ive been to Sunnyside kennals a number of times, i have had a dog from there before which was a lovely jack russel but unfortunatly she wasnt the dog for us because of numerous reasons.I went to the kennals after a couple of times but havnt seen the one for us(me and my family) I went today and still didnt see anything but we are not giving up! So we are going again in the week wish me good luck!
    love from Chloe Jones aged 12 and determined to get a dog!

  • joshua

    Today I went to sunnyside kennals it was soe fun we relley wonteed a Dog my Mom and Dad siad wean we have got the money for one thay will get me one.I now wich Dog I wont if he is still there My frend has got a yocshire teire I went to see him it is cold smug he is relly cuet we love it that is why we came to sunnyside kennles it has some reley cuit Dogs.
    My frends dog is only 8 months old.

  • ema

    i went to sunny side kennels on the 10th march and came home with a lovly jrt who was brillint with my 4 month old daughter the only problem was he needs loads of love but to all who like jrt hes a lovly dog and i cryed when i toke him back

  • serena

    I havent been to sunnyside yet but we are going quite soon to look for a little jack russell, so wish me luck.
    My mom and dad used to have a dog when i was little her name was sally, but she tore all the carpets up so we had to give her up 🙁
    So this time were getting a smaller dog hopefully trained.

  • Matthew Revell

    Hi Serena,

    If you’re planning to get a dog – any dog – you must be prepared to train the dog. Dogs are a wonderful addition to your life but they’re a responsibility too. You can’t hope they’ll be trained before you get them and you can’t give up on them at the first sign of trouble.

    I hope you do find a dog at Sunnyside and that you train him or her. If you do, you’ll have many happy years with the dog.


  • serena

    Well, I went there yesterday and found a beautifull cross staffie. Shes 2 years old and shes already house trained, shes very loyal and i fell in love with her the second i saw her 🙂

  • caron walker

    we had a border collie x puppy from sunnyside end of july 06 age 7 weeks would love to get in touch with people who also had one of the other 4 sisters and exchange photos . there where 5 sisters that had to be hand reared after being dumped in birmingham then sent to sunnyside to be rehomed .sunnyside gave them the birthday 6 6 06

  • spanna

    friday i put down a deposit on a dog (bitch) that had come in as a stray the day before but im scared that the owner is going to come and reclaim the dog and i will be heart broken she is lovely and looks like she has been used as a breeding dog and as soon as she had puppies i think they threw her out but she is a lovely begal x and i love her to bits

    Spanna 12 yrs old

  • joshua

    I have a little jack russel it is 9 weeks, next week he is having it’s injectons. Then I will be taking him to sunny side kennels in it’s exercise bit. My dog patch says ”ruff it means hi’

  • nadeyne

    i hav a dog called patch. he is 9 weeks old and is having a lovely time i am joshua sister. from nadeyne

  • joshua

    my dog pach is scared of worck’s if you cold give me some ivose i wold be happy to bring him to sunny side.Then pepole can see him he is scaed of other dogs and cars but soon he will grow out of it.i will check back evry day.It wold be lovely if you cold give me some ivece love from joshua age 7.
    name:joshua cotterill
    dog breed:male or dog
    type of dog:jack russel
    age:12 weeck’s on friday
    name of dog:pach

  • lee marsland

    We had a dog from suunnyside many years ago . He is a collie x named ben . When we first had him he was very scared and timid , but now he’s like a little puppy again even though he’s about 7 or 8 . He loves to play with our two young boy’s , and our other dog who is a bitch and think’s she’s the boss . we was lucky realy because i think he had some basic house training , or was just scared he was going to get beat up again , but now he has got a great life and fully trained , soft as a brush . thanx sunnyside keep up the good work

  • spanna

    i hope all of sunnysides staff and co enjoy working there i want to when im older work there or have work experience there
    it is a very good place to be
    luv anna

  • Barbara Grosvenor

    About 18 months ago I became the lucky owner of a precious little westie that we named Betty.She is my constant companion and I love her to bits.
    I suffer from depression occasionally but having Betty means that I have to think about someone other than myself. We go out twice a day, one of the best things to do when I feel a bit down then she always does something that makes me smile.

    My Husband wasn’t too keen on having a dog but now he loves Betty just as much as I do, she is a star.

  • i want to employ saturday staff and the wolverhampton one plz….i really don’t mind picking up the mucky side…..

  • I went about a munth ago somewere really cute we went lookin 4 a springa spanuel we found one but he had eperleptic fits it wasnt very well it had a fit 4 2 hours i loved him but we had to take him back i really miss him and hope his ok and with someone who loves him alot like me i have a new dog a colly cross with a jackrussle he is a durable he has 1 blue eye 1 brown eye called brodie from shannon………

  • jason and donna

    hi we are commited christians and spiritually dedicated we are both disabled and would love to dedicate our time to working with animALS we already do voluntary work with the homeless and needy we would also be willing to rehome the animals that noone wants for thier own reasons plz get in touch we would love to make a difference luv jay and donna

  • Sarah W

    Well what can I say Sunnyside are brilliant, last xmas I found a stay dog who was too ill to take to down the local police station, i kept the dog a couple of days and after many phone calls to diffrent places SUNNYSIDE where the only ones that helped. The staff gave me excellent advice on what to do and then accepted the dog because it needed urgent treatment, Sunnyside were brilliant and kept me updated daily how the dog was, the owner turned up for the dog and sunnyside completed a house check before they would allow it back home, i cant thank SUNNYSIDE enough please spare a thought for all the dedicated team who work there, helping animals daily they deserve all the support going so everyone make donations if you can to support there excellent work.

  • Josie

    I took on a 10 week old weimaraner from Sunnyside after MANY many visits. The staff were always welcoming and allowed me to look at any dog which took my eye. The facilities were always immaculate and the staff were knowledgeable and with the dogs interests at heart. I would urge anyone who is looking for a dog to take on a dog from there or other rescue and not pay a breeder, to fund their egos or encourage back street money making. Donate what you can – blankets, food, toys and your love. XX

  • Kayleigh Richards

    hii all, my names kayleigh and i am 18 years old, sunnyside kennels is an absolutely lovely place for dogs that have been taken in because they are lost or homeless. I had my dog from there when i was 7 years old and when he was 7, he was very well looked after n maintained, i am 18 years old now and he is still happy as any dog could ever be, he has always been a reli nice faithful dog and a good part of the family and i think sunny side kennels were something to thank for that :), lv kayleigh x

  • julie

    i few years ago our dog went missing for about three months! one day we got a letter from sunnyside kennels saying they had her, it was a good job we had her chipped, sunnyside is a lovely place, very clean and tidy a good place for any animal, very spacious! thankyou sunnyside if it wasnt for you we would probably not have a dog back at home with us, currently she is pregnant and due in about 3 weeks, so that should be good! we are now looking for a new puppy and will definitely take a look at sunnyside for one! thank you very much!!

  • hannah lloyd

    hi everyone,my name is hannah and im 8 years old and i love the dogs at sunnyside kennels i love going there because the dogs are cute and you get to walk them for free,thats the best bit.there are really really cute dogs and puppies there and you fall in love with them arrr love ya dogs and pups at sunnyside hope you get a nice home love from hannah lloyd
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxp.s love ya dogs and pups that are there

  • hey my names sophie and i had a dog about 7weeks ago from sunnyside its a fluffy cute rotti puppi and i was luking for a staff but asoon as i seen this pup i fell in love awww cute hope all the dogs and pups gt a luvin family and a nice home xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx luv ya …sophie..

  • clare hewitt

    hi my friend has been looking all over for a dog for her family. her jack russel past away suddenly and she has been to numerous rescue homes in staffordshire, and a lovley man from a pet welfare happened to mention you, as i am her taxi driver it would be much appreciated if you could let me know whereabouts you are and if you have any dogs that need rescuing. thankyou

  • I had a little patterdale/jack russell from sunnyside kennels feburary 11th 2004. we had her put down 11th March. It was sooooo upsetting for everyone. she was a gorgeous little dog. I am hoping to get another one in a few months time. x x x x x

  • hello i was wondering wat the prices were at the sunniside kennels could someone please tell me i will thank u coz i really want a dog and i just want 2 know the pricesanybody who can help ur the best

  • Rachael

    Hey ive been going to sunnyside for a few weeks looking at one dog in particualr, a staffie x who is ten months old, the staff at sunnyside never got tired of answering any questions i had or letting me and my partner walk the dog we were interested in.
    We finally decided that this was the dog for us and put down a deposit, im due to pick our new dog up thursday all being the house check goes well.
    Im nervous that the garden isnt exactly immaculate though we have thoughly checked all fences are secure and high enough… can anyone tell me what the home check actually consists of and the requirements as i dont want anything to go wrong and prevent us rehoming the dog we’ve fallen in love with.

    Thank you

    rachael, [email protected]

  • Beth and Jamie

    Me and my brother went to look at the dogs at sunnyside kennels, for a look around. We saw some massive dogs (alsation, staffy and rotties) also some very little cute dogs which we all wanted. i have to say that Sunnyside kennels is the cleanest kennels i have ever been to, we went to one after that and it wasn’t clean and smelt bad, but i couldnt say this about sunnyside kennels. they had a lovely little shih tzu and yorkie but they were already owned by staff working there.
    FOR CHLOE(april) the prices vary some are free but will only go to a good home but you could always give them a ring or go:Birmingham Dogs Home
    New Bartholomew street
    B5 5QS
    0121 643 5211


    Sunnyside Kennels
    Dark Lane
    South Staffs
    WV10 7PN
    01902 790618

  • Steph

    My boyfriend and I where looking for our 1st dog, we went to sunnyside kenels to look for a puppy but we came back with a 18month old GSD. we named him Kai. He was under wieght and his coat needed abit of work. I would recomied sunnyside to anyone looking for a new family member as they have many dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes. Kai has been with us for 7months now but it feels like his always been there i’ll be lost with out him. We are now looking for a friend for Kai so we’ll be visiting sunnyside again

  • Mel G

    We picked up Max, a beautiful 4 year old German Shepherd back in July (it’s October now). He was in the second kennel and the biggest dog in the place. Before Max, we had a cat for goodness sake.

    He had a special notice saying he had serious separation anxiety and was destructive as a result. he had already been taken by one family and had to be returned the next day on that basis. Well all I can tell you is those beautiful, trusting eyes swayed myself and my husband that we would do whatever it took to make him more secure – god knows how many books, TV shows, dog experts, blogs etc later and we have just about cracked it. Maxi G as he is known in his ‘hood’ is a very happy boy, loads of excercise, squirrel and canoeist (poor man) chasing every day, the best food going not to mention cuddles at every turn.

    But Sunnyside were 100% honest with us in what we were taking on and tried to put us off so Max didn’t have to go through even more unnecessary trauma – I love them for that. But he is a major part of our family – our lifestyle has changed ever so much and I can honestly say that every time I think of him I am so proud of Max for adjusting and trusting us so readily now, for Sunnyside for providing a safe and bonnie home for him and finally for us for taking on such a big challenge and for not giving up, but working through it becasue after all – that’s what you do isn’t it.

  • Brandon

    Hi I Lost Two Dogs About Two Months Ago And I Was Hoping They Are Still At Sunnside There Names Are Taz And Star They Are Two Stafiies If Anyone Knows That They Atre Still There Please Tell

  • emily jones

    hi i went to the sunnyside kennels in wolverhampton i seen a beautiful staffy pup that was hand reared by the staf and i am goin to pik him up wednesday

  • Sharon and Paul G

    We went to sunnyside in January 2009 as we had lost our beloved Poppy in November 2008 to a stroke. The staff are all so lovely, they seem to really care about all their canine residents and are extremely friendly and helpful. We chose a staffie x of approx 10 months old and we have called her Mollie. She is a joy although a little bit crazy, she has little mad fits of running roung the garden in cirlces really fast but she makes us laugh so much. We both fell madly in love with her at first sight and are so glad we have her. I urge anyone thinking of getting a dog to go to sunnyside, they give you all the info they can about the dogs past and they micro-chip them and there is also a 3 week after care service with the vet. Thank-you sunnyside.

  • Lisa Marsh xx

    My sister is giving up her dog to sunnyside kennels today and its a German Shepard and his name is max and he is only 7 months old he is really cute and gorgeous but is hyper active at the same time i would bye him but my mum dont think i should but. She doesnt really wont to get rid of him but her boyfriend thinks its for the best and told her that she carnt have one for another 2/3 years but thats really heart her because she has lived with a dog all her life and it is really ulfull that she carnt have one for ages well i think that i am going to bye her one when i have the money for her and the kids thanks for some one to talk to
    thank you love you Sunny Side Kemmels xxxx

  • kia

    hiii i had a dog from you 14yeas ago i called him benji he is a border collie he is lovely.i donated £20 to you i got it all by selling magazinz in our school hall it was so kool! . benji is doing so well and he i so funny he picked his own name because my mom and my dad put 3 snacks on the floor with 3 names on to see wich 1 he went to he went to my mom and dad plus all our family love benji a 100% .i also have 6 more animals 1rabbit,3fish and 2hamsters if none of them had died i would have about 20.i will so be visitin sunnyside kennles again. :] xxxx thank you thank you thank you.

  • Hello dogsrule, I’m Elle Groom and I have lost a dog! (rolly) he’s mirochipped and quite nervous when it comes to calling him, other than that he’s a lovely, pleasant dog! His Breec is a chinese sharpei! Discription_ brown/black wrinkley medium size! Rough skin kind of a olily feel to it! lovely to play and run! ALWAYS…. be in our hearts! if found please call 01902 374066 thankyou I live at.. wv73hs 46 loak road! please help I got him since he was a little boy and I’d like to be with him all the way through his life! Please help me my baby rolly is lost!! xxx

  • hiya all the pups and dogs at sunnyside kennals we might be getting a staffie from there to be a play mate for our staffie sam lol see ya luv izzy xxx


    We visited Sunnyside 5 years ago looking for a dog we chose a bull terrier named sasha but had to wait seven days incase her owners claimed her fortunately she was claimed when we looked again there was not really a small dog for us. The staff were amazing they took my number and called me when any dogs came in fitting the discription of what i wanted sure enough they called i left work early to go to Sunnyside .Iwalked in and there was a little dog in a really bad way no fur thin covered in fleas sore skin cowering in the corner of the kennel.Iwas told he needed alot of work as in the vet.The little man (a westie) 2 years old now 8 fat very furry and we love him he goes everywhere with us and loves the sea side is name is tommy and he gives us as much love back i come from work and he has to have a kiss and cuddle.Its the 14.11.2009 Sad week for sunnyside as they have been victim to a sad disturbed individual who has broken in and stolen money that those staff have raised for Christmas for the dogs.Iam going there today with blankets and a cheque from my employer to help to replace the money stolen every Christmas we visit from my company Charter care the staff buy food and donate toys treats and blankets we wil be there again soon they need our help we must never forget dogs are a mans best friend and always loyal we love you sunnyside keep up the good work dogs will always need you.

  • ACrowley79

    Ive heard alot about sunnyside,and how unprofessional they have been recently..towards a dog. Im not mentioning names,but they put dogs to sleep who get excited for dinner.. How unprofessional,im going to look into this, dogs deserve better treatment than this.. They should have more organised staff and crb checks and cctv cameras….im having a dog from there,cant wait…….I just hope they learn from their mistakes….

  • i think rottys are so cute i have 2 off my own one callled siten and 1 called shasha. i love them to bits. before i had them i had a boxer caqlled rocky and he ran away . so we went to he sunnyside and bought shasha(i already had saiten). we didnt want a rotty but ehr eyes were so adorable and we coukldnt resist so we bought her home. she has a great impackt on our family and we love her and saiten so much. they both get excersise whaen i come back from school. when i grow up i want to work with animls i love them so much !! and who ever abondands a dog there cruel and spitful. !!!!!!!!! but i love my dogs and i willl never hurt themxxxxx

  • my dad dosnt live with me but i see him on the weekend. he has a rotty bitch called jess and she is also a rotty. she is 7 yrs old and is very playful when she was 4 yrs old she go run over nd we had to take her to the vets in birmingham. it was very scary because i thought she was gonna die but she srvived and now livin a good life.she barks and police cars and motor bikes this behaviour ids unkown. i love rottys and i would like to work with anims but i dont know witch grades i will need to do so. if u know plzee write. i would also want to know if eny has got a labrador bitch for sale. thnx xxxxx

  • Leesa

    ACrowley – what a load of rubbish! I know staff who work and volunteer at Sunnyside and the dogs’ welfare always come first. They only put dogs to sleep who cannot be re-homed (ie for aggression). Even elderly dogs and dogs with medical problems are given a chance!

  • caprice turner

    i love sunnyside kennels and my dad i havent seen 4 11 years is byeing me a dog from ere and he has got 3 from sunnyside xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    In 2004 we lost our lovely dog Goofie. After going to many local dog rescue centres, including visiting Birmingham Dogs Home twice a day, we finally went to Sunnyside and within about 5 minutes saw a little brindle dog with no fur on her ears or tummy, you could see her ribs, but the heartstrings went out and we ran to the reception to ask to see her. Now had her for 5 years, called Bisto She was very shy and the staff let her go behind reception to get her confidence. Because of her and the great staff at Sunnyside we have been raising money for Sunnyside and Birmingham Dogs Home since then. We will be at Sandwell Valley Park August Bank Holiday, selling bric a brac and doggie accessories, so maybe see you there, it is a great 2 day event. We are in the charity area. We now have so very sadly lost our wonderful dog Monkey, who we had for 8 years and 7 months, Bisto’s best friend, so hopefully within the next couple of weeks we will be going to Sunnyside and Birmingham Dogs Home to find her another mate, we hope to find another cross collie like Monkey, there will never be another like him, but another one will have its own character and silly ways. Heres hoping, and see you at Sandwell. 6.6.2010.

  • Jan

    We recently went to Sunnyside kennels and Birmingham dogs home. Theres no comparison.
    Sunnyside is streets ahead of Bham dogs home. The dogs are well cared for there and the staff are wonderful and very attentive and caring.
    We are still looking for a small puppy or young dog and will be out searching again this weekend.
    I will definetly be donating blankets and food to both dogs homes. Maybe birmingham dogs home just needs an injection of cash? I just got the impression that wolverhampton (sunnyside) was just in a league of its own. Well done to all the staff there. You are doing a wonderful job!

  • kay

    we visted sunnyside kennels yesterday and immediantly had a soft spot for this parson russell terrier 18 months old. however it is sad but the truth that we may be able to bring her home and someone else will have her. But i do hope she goes to a loving home with someone who will look after her she is such a lovely dog and even done a trick for us. why someone would turn that dog on the streets i will never know but heres hopeing now she has a happier life whether she goes with me an my family or another family i pray to god above that she and other dogs in that kennel i saw today will go to a loving home and that other dogs that are to come in will also have that love. xx

  • alison

    we brought a 3 year old lurcher (Badger) he ran off and sunnyside kennels picked him up and if we want him back we have to pay 35 pound and they add on 9 pound every day hes there i am not very happy about this.

  • Kayleigh

    I went to sunnyside 2 years ago after my nan died, we found my perfect dog there, he is an Australian cattle dog cross and he is amazing. He follows me around the house and sleeps on my bed. He’s perfect 🙂

  • Natalie

    do you guys have a dog named bernie with a green bed???

  • jo

    what do you do if you got a dog and you cnt look after it anymore and the dog is not good with kids what do you do ?

  • Tim

    When my wife and I first went to Sunnyside, we fell in love with a lovely dog called Will, a proper mongrel it was hard to say what breeds were in him, but he was a very big lad! On being taken into kennels, he had to have an operation to have an eye removed which he was still getting used to and so would often bump his head on things. Sadly, it didn’t work out as Will was too demanding of attention for the time we had available, and so had to be returned. Something I found very hard to do and had me openly weeping.

    Some time later, after rescuing another dog from elsewhere, we decided Carlos needed some company and went back to Sunnyside. This time, we came home with Radar, another big mongrel. Happily, it worked out this time and despite some difficulties in the beginning with his poor behaviour and fears or shouting and loud noises, we got through it. Seven years and four months later, we just lost Radar to (I believe) multiple strokes. He went from his normal self to not eating, and not wanting attention in a few short hours (while we were at work). After a couple of days where he seemed to be better, overnight, he took a serious downward turn and had to be put to sleep.

    After working through the grief and absolute devastation of losing Radar, I hope to be able to offer a home to another rescue. It’s true, rescues really do love you more.