Dogs Trust West London opens

Dogs Trust has opened its latest rehoming centre, in Harefield, London, with the help of What Not to Wear’s Trinny Woodall.

The centre has been designed to provide a far better experience for both dogs and visitors, than seen before. Set in 16 acres of farmland, seventy-five glass-fronted kennels, featuring underfloor heating, will be home to around 1,600 dogs each year. Specially positioned sniffer-holes enable the dogs to interact with potential owners, while the glass fronts help reduce noise and stress.

Facilities even include a real life behaviour suite, with one way glass viewing, helping with behavioural assessments and a grooming suite with tiered shower stations. A healthy lifestyle is assured, thanks to a dedicated vetinary facility and open exercise paddocks. One of the centre’s main innovations has to be its special puppy block, which allows mothers and pups to learn and exercise in safety.

Clarissa Baldwin, Dogs Trust Chief Executive, said:

“Such care and attention has been paid to every aspect of the centre, from the heated, glass fronted kennels, to fantastic visitor facilities, to the real life rooms and puppy play areas. By changing the way people view rescue centres and providing the best possible facilities for the dogs, visitors and staff alike, we can hopefully rehome more dogs.”

In keeping with its commitment to responsible dog ownership, Dogs Trust has worked to ensure that wildlife living in the area is protected. Special bat-friendly roof tiles accommodate the local pipistrelle bats and numerous owl and sparrow boxes make the new centre a great home for birds, as well as the resident dogs.

Although their path to Harefield may be filled with sad stories, the dogs that make it to the centre are the lucky ones. Last year, local authorities killed 8,000 stray dogs; equivalent to 150 dogs each week. Dogs Trust is working hard to ensure dogs are free of the threat of unnecessary destruction. Find out how you can support Dogs Trust on their How to Help page.