Celebrities dog sketches for charity

Bruce Forsythe's sketch for Dogs for DisabledTerry Wogan, Bruce Forsythe, Joanna Lumley and other celebrities have donated sketches of their favourite dogs to be auctioned in aid of Dogs for the Disabled.

The UK charity trains dogs that help disabled people live life more independently. Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen, one of the artists, explained why he was keen to get involved:

My mother suffered with MS for 40 years. She was a wheelchair user and as my father was an orthopaedic surgeon, I grew up seeing the effects of disability. So I love Dogs for the Disabled. These dogs can open and close doors, help a person undress, switch lights on and off. I just love the charity.

The pictures are currently being exhibited at The Kennel Club Gallery from November 21st to 25th but will be on sale through Ebay from the 1st December.

More information can be found on at www.dogsforthedisabled.org.